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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Francis Ford Coppola, Sept/Oct 03

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Adding insult to injury, your writer waxes rhapsodic over a gala dinner and fashion show that was part of the Cigar Festival in Havana. He admits the privileged audience was a "mostly European crowd." Imagine that. He also quotes an American present at the posh affair, who gushed, "It was as if we were not in Cuba." The fact is neither he nor the Europeans were, certainly not in the real Cuba, which is the lot of the common people who couldn't get anywhere near that gala.

Sometimes, I tire of feeling disgust for those who can't or won't admit the truth and instead try to whitewash it—there are so many of them. It's truly frustrating to deal with people who refuse to see because they have vested interests in their blindness. At least, thank God, I'm free to cry out in
the wilderness.

Laura Gómez Quevedo

Orlando, Florida


Editor's note: Your response is as predictable as you say our article is. For more than 40 years, all those who think like you have tried to isolate Cuba and Fidel Castro. It's time to realize the world is different, and your old, predictable way of thinking hasn't produced change in Cuba, and it never will. What has a chance of working is to force open Cuba's doors; those beautiful Cuban models are one small sign of that happening. When the doors are open, and Americans flood the island, change will come.

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