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* * *

Dear Marvin:
Perhaps we can use your new magazine, CIGAR AFICIONADO, as a medium to convince Congress to repeal the embargo on the importation of Cuban cigars.
Charles P. Wisdom Jr.
Lexington, Kentucky

* * *

Dear Marvin:
What a birthday present!
I just walked into my mountain condo with my great, great grandfather's humidor which was passed on to me by my father on my 40th birthday.
I just opened an '82 Margaux, my girlfriend is lighting up a Romeo No. 2 from Havana, and the sound of John Klemmer's sax from his 'Touch' CD is emanating from the speakers. The stage is set ... to go through the mail.
I notice a finely wrapped magazine from the back, and I'm wondering what it is...I flip it over, there gazing up at me is the debut issue of CIGAR AFICIONADO. Talk about the ultimate birthday present to close out the night. Well ... not quite the ultimate present to close out the night, but pretty close, Marvin.
I've been fortunate, Marvin, having girlfriends who enjoy a fine cigar. In fact, sometimes it becomes a little nerve-racking when you light one up and your girlfriend keeps taking it out of your hand. You always ask, "Do you want one of your own?" and invariably she will answer "No, I like taking puffs off of yours."
Everyone always asks me what it is about cigars, what I enjoy about them, and you know Marvin, you really can't explain it, only cigar smokers know. We are a fellowship who enjoy one of the most cosmic pleasures this planet has to offer, and now you have completed the cigar mystery with your magazine.
Thomas R. Gross, Jr.
Waterville Valley, New Hampshire

* * *

Dear Marvin:
Your page 11 "Welcome to the CIGAR AFICIONADO Club" pressures me to make some observations. There are probably many other people like me, but it was not apparent in your survey. In any case, just "for the record" I want to go through the following comments: I do not fit anywhere in the profile of the average reader of CIGAR AFICIONADO.
I am female, 45+ with a household income no where near the $194,000 mentioned in your survey and have nothing like a net worth of $1.54 million. I am a teacher of science and computers, and my husband is a professor of geography. I have been smoking cigars for many more than nine years.
I hope that this indicates to you that there are others out there who support your efforts and wish for the success of CIGAR AFICIONADO.
Mrs. Frances R. Stemberg
Bronx, New York

* * *

Dear Marvin:
I just received the premier issue of CIGAR AFICIONADO and having read no further than page 11, you can cancel my subscription.
So your average reader has a household income of $194,000 per year, a net worth of $1.54 million, is a manager, has a $35,000 car, takes foreign trips, etc., etc., ad nauseam. Well, guess what, I don't fit the mold. And I would be willing to bet that there are more cigar smokers who do not fit the mold than there are who do.
Quite frankly I am insulted. If you only wish to cater to rich snobs, why don't you require that a personal financial statement be attached to every subscription application.
As for me, I will take my $35,000 annual income, my $10,000 car, and my accounting job and start reading a magazine in which I am made to feel more welcome. Since I cannot afford most of the products and places mentioned in your ads and editorials, I am sure my departure will not matter to you or your advertisers.
Peter Glassman
Schaumburg, Illinois
Editor's Response: I can appreciate where you are coming from, but you've got me all wrong. The joys and pleasures of a cigar are for all. This survey of reader demographics was a survey, nothing more. It was not intended to be a political or economic statement that some cigar lovers were welcome and others not. With your permission, I'm taking out a one year subscription for you, with my compliments. Give me a second chance.

* * *

Dear Marvin:
I have just spent about two weeks trying to locate your magazine after I read about it in Esquire. I wish I had enough money to invest in the very best, but, unfortunately, being 19 and a college student, I am in a severe budget crunch. So I have recently tried to locate the least expensive "best" cigar I could find. I purchased your first issue at a local bookstore and promptly set out to find a La Gloria Cubana dealer, to no avail. I was then forced to bow to quality and purchased two Dunhills at $3.50 apiece. And while it strained the budget, it was worth it.
Let me tell you as a newcomer to the premium cigar market, your publication is a godsend. I sent in a request for a two-year subscription. Please remember all of us devoted to cigars are not yet schooled in its finer points, but we're trying.
My sincere gratitude,
Erich Dietz
University of Oregon
P.S. I am going to have to scrounge to afford this publication, but I feel the rewards I will reap will make the effort worthwhile.
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