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One of my friends was in a custom shirt maker's shop in New York. While waiting to be helped, he lit up a fine Dominican cigar. Immediately, the sales lady demanded he put it out. He could not "indulge in such a nasty habit" in the shop. The proprietor happened to overhear the order and broke in, "Ignore her. Here let me offer you a light." Just at that moment, a white stretch limo pulled up out front. Sylvester Stallone strolled in puffing a foot long import. Nothing more was said.
Whatever happened to the days of service? Shopping in an exclusive gentleman's establishment should mean a comfortable chair, an adult beverage or cup of coffee and yes, damn it, an ashtray.
Leo Dowell
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

* * *

Dear Marvin:
Although my schedule is hectic, I still find time to read and I am looking forward to reading CIGAR AFICIONADO.
Bill Clinton
Washington, D.C.

* * *

Dear Marvin:
My wife and I have three children and have been married for 20 years (truly married, much like tobaccos are). We do everything together. About ten years ago) we started drinking wine together for my wife's health. This year my wife's physician told her that she needed to smoke a cigarette occasionally to calm her nerves. Although we learned how to drink moderately without any problems, I thought that smoking would be too big a challenge, so we put the idea off and searched for better solutions. The other alternatives included taking medication daily, but since my wife is only 37 years old, it seemed that we should put that off also.
Finally, for some unknown reason we found ourselves standing in front of the tobacco section of a local supermarket, and I said, "Let's smoke some of these small cigars." We laughed at the idea, bought them and enjoyed them (last June, 1992).
Since then we have found a world of enjoyment in trying the many different premium cigars that are available here in the U.S. Our family and friends are surprised to see both of us smoking cigars (especially my wife), but we feel that they don't know what they are missing. Strangely enough we feel that we are members of a special class.
Lately we have been feeling other things too; one afternoon we were smoking some Arturo Fuente robustos (we use our CIGAR AFICIONADO as a cigar smoker's handbook), and I remarked to my wife that this cigar was making me feel amorous. Of course she laughed and said that I was just making excuses. Well, recently we purchased some La Gloria Cubana robustos and she not only told me that she felt amorous while we were smoking, but also described the event to one of her girlfriends, who wanted to borrow one for herself and husband to share.
It may not be a good idea to publish this. If the birth control people got wind of it they too would want to ban cigar smoking.
Yours truly,
Ed Sams
Dallas, Texas
Editor's Response: I'll tell you a secret. Just reading your letter was a turn on. But let's keep this to ourselves. If the BATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) catches wind of the side effects from cigars, they might try to classify them as aphrodisiacs.

* * *

Dear Mr. Shanken:
President Fidel Castro has asked me to thank you in his name for sending the first issue of CIGAR AFICIONADO.
Perhaps the possibility for a meeting with President Castro exists during one of your next visits to our country.
I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate you for the superior quality of the new magazine, for which we are pleased to pass along our best wishes.
Dr. José M. Miyar Barreuco
Secretary of the Council of State
Havana, Cuba

* * *

Dear Marvin:
Please reevaluate the number of women cigar smokers. I bet there are a surprising number of women in my age group partaking in this wonderful luxury. I am a 28-year-old, fairly successful executive in the entertainment industry. I have been enjoying cigars for more than half my life. Oh yes, Marvin, I am a woman.
My work allows me to travel, so I have been fortunate enough to be able to obtain the cigar of my choice. I prefer Cohibas.
No one would have the balls to stop me from smoking my cigar in my home. I own my own house, and if someone doesn't like my cigar smoke, he is free to leave. All summer I go to restaurants with outside cafes, so I can enjoy my cigar after dinner.
I only date men who have enough good taste to appreciate my cigars.
New York, New York
[The writer asked us to withhold her full name and title.]

* * *

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