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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Groucho Marx, Spring 93

(continued from page 4)

Editor's Response: I have such a negative attitude toward magazines with all those horrible perfume smells. I consider the "perfuming of magazines" an invasion of privacy. Many times, the smell is so strong I can't even hold the magazine in my hand. Shame on publishers for accepting perfumed ads. CIGAR AFICIONADO will never abuse its readers with "scratch and smell" ads.

* * *

Dear Marvin:

Back in 1967 I drove to Montreal with a couple of friends to go to the exposition. It was very enjoyable, but the highlight of the trip was going to the Cuban pavilion. I remember it being quite large, and the aroma made it seem like I was in the largest humidor in the world. This place probably did more business than all of the other pavilions combined. I was in heaven. The rarity of an American seeing an H. Upmann was so exciting. In those days, if I remember correctly, a box of Cuban cigars was selling in the pavilion for around $20. I bought ten boxes of different brands and decided to surprise my father. He always used to tell me how great Cuban cigars were. I took the panels out of the trunk of my car (1965 LeMans) and hid the cigar boxes, then replaced the panels. My friends thought I was crazy and decided we would all go to jail. When we drove home to New York we, of course, stopped at United States Customs. The agent asked me if I had anything to declare, and I said no. He then asked whether I had anything from the Cuban pavilion, and I said no. The agent then asked me to get out of the car and open the trunk. I thought I would die. I opened the trunk, the agent looked around and told me I could leave. With a sigh I drove off to New York where I surprised my father, and for many months we both enjoyed those cigars like two babies. He also wanted to kill me for what I did but it was well worth it and I would do it all over again.

I miss those cigars. Hopefully someday we once again will be able to smoke them--but this time, legally.

Sincerely Yours,

Alan Vogel
New York, New York

* * *

Dear Marvin:

Last summer I was out for a drive with my convertible top down and was stopped at a red light. A lady pulled up next to me who was also in a convertible with the top down. I noticed that she was staring at me out of the comer of my eye so I turned to look at her. Her comment was, "Do you have to smoke that smelly thing with the top down?" I kinda chuckled to myself and just turned my head so I was looking straight ahead and drove off after the light changed.

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