Out of the Humidor

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I'm back in our London hotel room finishing a Cohiba Esplendido, drinking Rémy Martin VSOP.
It's late--we've just come from a late dinner at Bibendum. It was great!
Janet has purchased a Tireman ashtray as a birthday memento.
I think of CIGAR AFICIONADO as I ponder my next 50 years. I have never seen a magazine which was read cover to cover by more people.
I can't tell you the number of phone calls I received commenting on my very short note you printed in the premier issue.
I think of my past 50 years--cigars have always been there--starting with Gold Labels, moving to Bering, then Macanudo, Partagas, Dunhill and now Cohiba.
The one thing I know after tonight: I want to spend the future enjoying evenings like this, including a Cuban in my hand.
Perhaps with the high income of your readership, some kind of lobbying effort could be started to make it possible for Cuban cigars to be sold in the U.S.
After all, we trade with almost all of the world despots and dictators already!
The people of Cuba perhaps would be better off, and rather than a bloody revolution, a peaceful conversion to democracy in Cuba could be accomplished. I'm ready to help, should such an effort be started.
I cannot wait for the next issue--even if it is frustrating not to be able to try many of the cigars you review.
Many, many years of health and success!
Tom Evans Jr.
Managing Director, Bear Stearns
Chicago, Illinois

* * *

Dear Marvin:
I loved the articles on Cuban and Dominican cigars. They made me think of the first Cuban cigar I ever smoked. It was somewhere in the Caribbean in 1980 (I won't say where). I was on a cruise ship that docked at one place that reportedly had a very good tobacconist there.
Needless to say, I found this place and while looking around, I saw what appeared to he a box of Cuban cigars in the humidor. I asked the sales girl there if they were the real thing (I won't even say what brand). "YES SIR" she said, they were the real thing,
"Well how much are they?" I asked.
"They are umpteen thousand dollars," she said (I forget really how much, but they weren't cheap).
"I'll take a box," I said.
"You can't take them back to the U.S.," she pointed out.
"I know, but I want them anyway!"
I waited until I got back on the ship to smoke one, as I was going to lay back and enjoy this. I remembered about a year earlier, at the Tinder Box back in Raleigh one night, we were talking about Cuban cigars, and one guy who worked there said: "You know, Cuban cigars are over-rated, they aren't any better than the ones I sell right here." I couldn't say anything then because I'd never tried one, but I was about to find out. I got myself a glass of champagne and walked out on the aft deck. It was a gorgeous Caribbean sunset: There was a gentle, warm breeze blowing across the deck and in the distance, I could hear a steel band playing across the harbor from where the ship was docked. Best of all, I had about five acres of wide-open lido deck all to myself.
I pulled up a deck chair, propped my feet up on the rail and lit that communist cigar up. Let me tell you, I wanted to defect right then. "Fidel, you lucky son of a gun," I said out loud, "those guys at the Tinder Box have never smoked one of these!" I hate this anti-Cuban attitude our government has--perhaps that will change soon. I have never had any more Cuban cigars since then, but I will someday and if I don't, I will remember my first one for the rest of my life.
It's late now and I must go, but I just had to say thank you in some way for such a fine magazine. I think I shall enjoy CIGAR AFICIONADO for quite some time.
Frank Mann
Raleigh, North Carolina

* * *

Dear Marvin:
I would first like to say congratulations on the best damn magazine in the world! I am writing to let you know that I'm a prisoner and enjoyed your premier issue, in fact, I have already read it from cover to cover three times, and since I got the issue I refer back to it everyday about something. I would also like to tell you that I'm on a fixed income of $83 a month: $15.60 for prison labor and the rest from V.A. disability for war injuries in Vietnam (I served with the 82nd Airborne and the 173rd Airborne in '68 and '69).
What I would like to say is that I like your magazine so much that I have given up Playboy and will subscribe to CIGAR AFICIONADO! That should tell you what I think of your magazine. I love a good cigar. I buy from a local shop in Las Cruces here, and I spend all the money I save on them. I like Macanudos, Partagas #1 and many others, but your articles about Cuban cigars had my mouth watering, and if you guys are sitting around smoking Cohibas, or any Cuban cigars, I sure would appreciate just to sample one. Or if you should have a Davidoff Special R I would be ever so grateful and would be in your debt forever!
As I said, I make $15.60 from prison labor, and I will spend that on a one-year subscription, and I just wonder how many of you cigar lovers would spend a month's salary on a cigar publication. If you're not willing then I say you don't love cigars.
Marvin, I hope Santa is good to me this year. I'm looking forward to my December issue. You can bill me for it. I have my $12.95 eagerly waiting for you.
Frank A. Hawkins #33533
Las Cruces, New Mexico

* * *

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