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Best of luck with the new magazine!
David Brown
New Canaan, Connecticut

* * *

Dear Marvin:
Congratulations on launching your new publication! Your premier issue was professional, slick and nicely balanced in its content. However, your attitude toward lady cigar smokers is inexcusable.
You introduce your publication is different from "other men's magazines" and then devote much space to the presumption that since most vocal cigar haters are women, all women must dislike cigars. Not so!
I smoked my first cigar ten years ago at a college graduation party given by my father--so did several sorority sisters--and I have never looked back to my former cigarette habit.
Although I am petit and considered cute and cuddly, I enjoy full-flavored cigars from Honduras and Nicaragua. The men I have dated in recent years are predominantly nonsmokers but they are considerate of my preference for fine cigars and even consider it alluring when I light up and puff.
If friends and associates who are nonsmokers can be tolerant and even appreciative of a lady's taste for the finer things, why can't you? I realize that most of your audience is male, wealthy and mature, and that you must cater to your customer's preferences. I assure you, however, that they won't mind if you recognize those cigar lovers who are female or less affluent or younger--or all three!
Individual tastes differ as much in one gender as the other so give us some recognition in your editorials, personality profiles and advertisements. We will reward you with additional subscribers and customers for your advertisers.
Genie B.
New Hartford, New York
Editor's Response: I think I'm getting a bum rap. The facts are simple. Most cigar smokers are men. Most cigar complainers are women. Further, to date, better than 98 percent of CIGAR AFICIONADO's subscribers are men. But that doesn't mean I don't welcome more women readers or smokers. Welcome aboard. I only wish there were more women smokers and fewer women cigar complainers.

* * *

Dear Marvin:
I am a 52-year-old family man with an income well below the middle class level. I do however enjoy a good cigar. I have wanted to subscribe to your magazine with such a desire that I agreed to forego lunch out and brown bag it. My wife, who keeps us on a budget, was very surprised that I would make such a commitment and submit so completely to something. There are so few real quality things today. Sitting and reading your magazine while enjoying a fine cigar makes me feel like a millionaire. If it means no lunch out for a while, then I gladly give up that for the comfort CIGAR AFICIONADO brings to a man from South Central Los Angeles.
Dennis Jackson
Los Angeles, California
Editor's Response: Your "brown-bagging" should not go unrewarded. A special present is in the mail, compliments of CIGAR AFICIONADO. Enjoy.

* * *

Dear Marvin:
I am a student at the University of Montana, and I enjoy a good cigar from time to time. Ever since I first read your article in the February 1992 issue of The Wine Spectator I have wanted to get my hands on a Cuban cigar. The article that you wrote was very intriguing. It has made me want to buy your magazine and it also made me want to do something about the embargo on Cuban cigars. I think it is an atrocity that I can't get a Cuban cigar in this country. To me, this embargo is dated, because the cold war is over.
I would like to know if there is a list of congressmen who are interested in the cause of lifting the embargo, so I can write to them. I think it is an important issue that needs to be put to a vote--for myself and all other readers of this magazine--so that someday we as cigar smokers can have the pleasure of smoking a beautiful Havana cigar without having to go abroad to do so. Hopefully, with the support from all the readers of this magazine, we can accomplish the task of getting the embargo on Cuba lifted.
Sincerely yours,
David Crowley
Political Science Major
University of Montana
Editor's Response: I don't understand the justification for continuing the Cuban embargo either. We do business with all our former enemies and adversaries. It seems to me that in the days of a "New World Order," the U.S. government should be finding other ways to influence Castro's decisions. In fact, the American hard-line plays right into Castro's hands by making us the scapegoats for all his internal problems. By all means, write your Congressmen, your local newspaper editors or anybody who has a voice and can exert some Pressure on Washington and our new president Bill Clinton.

* * *

Dear Marvin,
What kind of cigars does David Letterman smoke?
Anita Countee
San Francisco, California
Editor's Response: When David Letterman is smoking--and he frequently stops for short periods of time--he enjoys Hoyo de Monterrey Excaliburs from Honduras and Davidoffs and Avos from the Dominican Republic. But he's in cigar heaven when friends manage to get him Romeo y Julietas from Cuba.

* * *

Dear Marvin:
My 50th birthday....
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