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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Winston Churchill, Autumn 93

(continued from page 5)

* * *

Dear Marvin:

I am a born-again Christian. WAIT! Since realizing I'm not good enough to get to heaven without accepting it as a free and underserved gift from a loving God, I have had trouble reconciling the things I enjoy with the way other Christians interpret the Bible.

I have always felt that God intends us to enjoy life. There are many things which He clearly detests, but not all things enjoyed by humans are to be banned. Some Christians have a way of tossing anything that brings a little pleasure into the trash with the more clearly forbidden fruits. They are my brothers and sisters and I credit them for their convictions. However, I do not agree with those siblings in Christ who strive to make the "narrow path" even more narrow than God intended.

For example, many Christians believe that alcohol, in and of itself, and in any form, is forbidden by God. I believe that drinking a nice glass of wine with dinner is showing respect and enjoyment for a gift from above, while downing a bottle of wine to get drunk is clearly an abuse. (The Bible does indicate that we should abstain from drunkenness and all forms of overindulgence.)

This is a great analogy to describe the way I feel about smoking long last.

Smoking cigars moderately is a great way to relax and ponder issues, watch a sunset, read. write, enjoy fellowship with good friends and yes, even pray to the One who makes it all possible. (Granted, I don't know how many points I have scored for my well-intentioned prayer: "Lord, thank you for this perfectly aged cigar and please bless H. Upmann for making it.")

Just last week, my wife and I had a couple from our Sunday school class over for dinner. After a nice dinner, the husband and I went out onto the balcony to smoke a cigar (our wives were invited, but, sadly, they declined). My friend and I spent more than an hour in easy conversation while experiencing a delicious smoke. We talked about how great life was, our super wives, our mutual friends, the taste of fine cigars and the joy of knowing that God is in charge of the whole thing.

I bet He was smiling, don't you? (Maybe he even blessed H. Upmann.)

Michael Insalaco
Fresno, California

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