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Dear Marvin:
A friend of mine "borrowed" my first issue of CIGAR AFICIONADO, and it took me two months of begging to finally get it back. When he asked to borrow my most recent issue, I had to tell him no. The good news is that now I can give subscriptions to your magazine as gifts to many of my friends, and know that they will think I am the greatest friend in the world.
S.J. Gulsvig
Villa Park, California

* * *

Dear Marvin:
After reading your second issue, I couldn't wait for another trip to a place where I could sample Cuban double coronas. Well, the opportunity came along recently. I sampled some Cubans and I guess taste, as beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. I question the magazine's overall emphasis on Cuban cigars and tobacco. They are good, no question, but not any better than Partagas No. 10, Arturo Fuente Hemingway Classic, or Avo No. 3.
I hope this is not "the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence" syndrome, or, "it has to be better because it costs more and you can't get it in the United States."
In any event, keep up the good work, I really do enjoy your magazine.
Lowry Eads
Richmond, Virginia
Editor's Response: None of the above. We taste blind and therefore do not know a cigar's origin while we are rating it. The cigars you prefer are great cigars; a Partagas No. 10 gets a 91 in this issue, an Avo No. 3 scored a 90 in a previous tasting and Arturo Fuente cigars routinely score very well. I don't see a conflict.

* * *

Dear Marvin:
Like many, I just finished the most recent issue. Another fine job. Most particularly salient were your remarks on tolerance. Without wishing to belabor this recurrent theme, I would hope you and my fellow readers will suffer yet another instance of the hysteria with which many of us are greeted when we attempt to engage in smoking.
At a social club not adverse to smoking, I sat and listened to a musical performance while enjoying an adult beverage. Sitting near the bar, I held the cigar alternately between my fingers and my lips. Without the least warning I was set upon by some zealot who admonished scornfully, "put that cigar out, I'm allergic to cigar smoke." my rejoinder was "the smoke really bothers you, eh?" The answer came back in all manner of gasping, choking and wheezing. When I produced the lovely Macanudo which I had been caressing and demonstrated that it had not been lit, I was provided no apology.
Let us simply hope that some measure of sense and, indeed, tolerance, can be found--as life is too short without such pronounced animus against a problem that doesn't even exist.
Dennis Hayes
Wyandotte, Michigan
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