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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
maduro issue, Winter 93/94

(continued from page 7)

I have just discovered your magazine and think it's great, except that, like all men on the subject of cigars, it is sexist.

I am a young, female computer professional. As a girl, I occasionally "liberated" cigars (mainly Romeo y Julietas) from my father's desk and learned the noble art of cigar smoking. Later when I moved into a shared flat, I would secretly indulge in the luxury of a good cigar as a special treat or just a pick-me-up. So that my flatmates would not discover my "dark secret," I did most of my smoking in parks. I tried bars, but the sight of a lone lady enjoying her cigar seemed always to attract men's comments and stares.

Now that I have moved into my own home I can, and do, smoke whenever I want to, but until recently it has always been when I was alone. A few months back, my youngest sister turned up while I was halfway through a Dunhill Corona, and I was forced to confess my dreadful secret. Her reaction amazed me. She took a tubed panetela from her bag and lit up. It turns out that she, too, experimented with my father's cigars and secretly adored them.

Between puffs we agreed that it is men's sexist reaction to we female cigar smokers that forces us to hide and feel guilty. But no more! From that day on, we both came out" and now blow smoke into the faces of those men who think we should not smoke. For the sake of all women, please dispel the myth that cigars are for men only. If you were to publish articles and pictures that depict women smoking cigars, I do believe your readership would double.

Bev Thomas
Warwickshire, England

* * *

Dear Marvin:

Your magazine's "Out of the Humidor" section is one of the best and most enjoyable features in the magazine.

I especially enjoyed the letter from the man in California who described the clean-up process that he goes through to placate his wife after he smokes a cigar.

My ex-wife made a demand on me: either the cigars or her. My second wife has made no such demands. In fact, she cannot. The third paragraph of our prenuptial agreement gives me the unfettered right to smoke cigars without an elaborate postsmoke wash-up procedure. Legal disputes over that particular clause are by the law of Cuba.

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