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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
maduro issue, Winter 93/94

(continued from page 3)

Every success often becomes meaningless, or worse, a taunting reminder in the face of failure. Adjusting to reality may be a painful, guilt-ridden but necessary trip on the road to recovery. I found myself questioning my right to smoke fine cigars and began to buy much cheaper ones, thus feeding my dour mood. A friend pointed out that I was doing everything possible to help the situation and should not deny myself the occasional satisfaction of a great dinner and a fine cigar. I took his advice.

Marvin, I love your magazine. I once fit on the high end of your readers' profile, and I hope to be there again. I'm sure you have many other subscribers who are similarly afflicted. To them, my best advice is not to punish yourself for things that are now history. Don't succumb to the false economy of smoking cheap cigars; instead, enjoy your favorites on a less frequent basis and think of it as a temporary setback.

Kevin Geller
Milton, Massachusetts

* * *

Dear Marvin:

The world is a crazy place. Within a few days of being hit with a spray bottle for smoking a cigar at the pool of the condominium in which I live, I was enjoying dinner at a fine restaurant when the following took place. I kid you not.

Dinner finished, I ordered a Calvados and, secure in the knowledge that I was in the smoking section of a cigar-friendly restaurant, I lit up a Churchill from a forbidden source. A few moments later, I noticed a woman seated on the far side of the restaurant in an animated discussion with the maître d', pointing her finger at me.

I braced for the usual tirade and then noticed she was changing tables. She was escorted to a table next to mine where she ordered coffee and an after-dinner drink. Not a word passed between us, and when she left, I asked the maître d' what it was all about. "She likes the smell of a good cigar. Says it reminds her of her husband of many years," he replied.

You figure it out. Had the woman at the pool asked, I would have put out my cigar without being treated to a free bath. Had the woman in the restaurant opened a conversation, I would have probably enjoyed talking with her about how aromas can trigger fond memories.

Arnold Smith
Washington, D.C.

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