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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
maduro issue, Winter 93/94

(continued from page 2)

Upon returning home from my visit, I immediately went out and bought an issue for myself. I took it home to my father, whom I had known to enjoy an occasional cigar. To his surprise, I told him I wanted to try a cigar with him sometime. Within that same week, he and I were standing outside on a clear, quiet evening, smoking a cigar. I don't think that sharing a cigar with his 21 -year-old daughter was something my father ever expected to do, but that is exactly what we did throughout the summer.

I have since moved to a place of my own to begin graduate school, 900 miles away from my dad. I know that our cigar smoking was a special exchange that few fathers and daughters share, and it is an event that I look forward to taking place again. I believe that he and I would not have taken up cigar smoking had it not been for the way your magazine has presented the beauty of the cigar and the pleasure it provides.

I have just furnished my new apartment with a new copy of the summer CIGAR AFICIONADO, and I have christened this home with its first cigar. I have also ordered subscriptions for myself and my father.

CIGAR AFICIONADO is a lovely magazine, and it is almost as relaxing as the cigar itself. Because I am a student with a tendency to stress out constantly, you can imagine happiness at finding such calming pastimes as smoking a cigar and reading this magazine.

Melissa Richey
Boulder, Colorado

Editor's Response: It's great to know that there are young women like you out there who understand.

* * *

Dear Marvin:

For more than a decade, my company was blessed with dramatic and sustained growth, only to be staggered by the economic downturn of the '90s. The fact that I have gone from 100 employees to two is sufficient evidence of the fall.

Prior to a recent meeting with bankers to whom we are in default, my attorney warned me not to arrive in a luxury car or to wear an expensive suit, gold watch, or carry a pocketful of my beloved Davidoffs. Sound advice, which nevertheless depressed me as I reflected that it had, indeed, "come to this."

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