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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
maduro issue, Winter 93/94

(continued from page 10)

In a very authoritative tone and condescending manner, we were informed of several possible actions, none of which could be described as hospitable, that they could decide to take. First, we were to go inside the office and resolve the immigration matter. As mentioned, that was dismissed immediately, and a more courteous customs officer approached us.

Upon hearing the story, he said we could either dump the cigars and go to Detroit or keep them and return to Canada. We chose the former, and upon a little insistence, he even allowed us to smoke two on the spot while the other two would be "destroyed." We were escorted out to the car, where we reluctantly handed over two and clipped and puffed on the other two. While lighting up, we chuckled over the irony of smoking Cubans in the United States with the knowledge and consent of the government.

Well, no more than two puffs later, one of the original customs officers came up to us saying that we were now in big trouble. He made us destroy the cigars and dispose of them. Meanwhile, the immigration officer who had witnessed us getting the consent came out and shamed the customs officer for being ignorant. It was too late--the cigars were destroyed, and being too disgusted to even protest, we left.

I don't mind the idiosyncrasies of government as much as the fact that four pieces of hand crafted ecstasy were destroyed.

Arvind Kumar Kohli
Windsor, Ontario

* * *

Dear Marvin:

A few weeks ago, just the thought of someone smoking a cigar appalled me. If there was one thing worse than cigarettes, it was cigars. It has taken me several years to recover from the shock of learning that a friend of mine had avidly taken to cigars. I recently presented him with a three-year gift subscription to CIGAR AFICIONADO. To obtain a subscription card, I purchased a copy of your magazine. Now that I've read the issue cover to cover, my attitude toward quality cigars has changed completely. I never realized the fine art that's involved in crafting, let alone choosing a quality smoke. Moreover, the enjoyment of a quality cigar is not a trivial matter. Now I'm looking forward to enjoying my first Romeo y Julieta.

Robert Perlstein
Medford, Massachusetts

* * *

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