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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Rush Limbaugh, Spring 94

(continued from page 6)

I was having dinner at the Taipei Hilton in 1980 and ordered an after-dinner Habana cigar and a bowl-sized snifter of excellent brandy. Waiting for this treat, I saw my waitress off in the distance pushing a rolling table toward me. A little lake was set up on this table, and, floating in the middle of this lake, surrounded by tiny floating candles, was an Oriental boat. In the middle of this boat, in a cedar box on a cushion of velvet, was my cigar. The waitress lifted the cigar out of the box gently and handed it to me for inspection, as one would handle a bottle of fine wine. I fondled it, sniffed it, and pronounced it fully acceptable. She then took it from me, snipped the end of it, and ran the tip of her tongue (not a flame) gently up and down the length of it. It was a somewhat erotic moment. She then lit it, carefully and professionally, took a few puffs and blew a lovely smoke ring. She handed it over with a smile. I will not go into what I did later that evening after I had finished that cigar and then another, except to say that it was a most memorable night. And all fired up by the small favor of a cigar.

Jack Sherwood
Annapolis, Maryland

* * *

Dear Marvin:

While I purport to be the greatest fan of fine, hand-rolled, long-filler cigars in the valley of the sun, there are many cigar lovers living in the desert Southwest. I recently decided to display my great passion for the leaf by means of ordering personalized, automobile license plates (reading Cigars) for my Porsche 911. As you can see from the attached photographs, I am a driving billboard for those of us who relish cigars.

I would like to encourage and challenge the readers of Cigar Aficionado to apply for similar personalized, automobile license plates in their respective states or provinces. What better way is there to demonstrate one's affection for fine cigars than this?

Mark Cary Edwin
Scottsdale, Arizona

Editor's Response: Dear Readers, if you have a cigar-related, car-license photo, please send it to me. It would be great fun to publish a collection of the photos.

* * *

Dear Marvin:

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