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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Rush Limbaugh, Spring 94

(continued from page 14)

* * *

Dear Marvin:

I just finished reading the latest issue of Cigar Aficionado while enjoying a Cohiba Robusto from the box that my wife gave me for my recent birthday. Life doesn't get much better! I recently visited a friend who had undergone a heart-bypass operation. Having been a cigarette smoker for decades, he was having a rough time trying to quit as per his doctor's orders. I suggested that he try a good cigar. I also left him with a copy of Cigar Aficionado. Needless to say, it worked. His spirits have soared, he's feeling great and his doctor is happy. Certainly this is not a prescription for everyone. However, my friend is working again and enjoying life. Now, what was the old saying? "A cigar a day keeps the doctor away?"

Jeff Kinzbach
Richfield, Ohio

* * *

Dear Marvin:

I would love to tell what a first-class operation you are running. Few publications have the ability to bring not only intellectual pleasure but a firm pat on the back to all cigar smokers. Worrying about being politically correct has often curbed the beliefs of individuals, and Cigar Aficionado defies that expectation. Standing up for one's interests and morals takes courage as well as integrity.

As a high-school senior, I am in awe of your publication. I am at the age of self-exploration and identity. Cigar Aficionado has helped me understand what I want out of life and the kind of life I wish to lead. Smoke-filled rooms, tradition, respect and character are all aspects portrayed in your periodical. Thank you for this. These have helped me define both what maleness is and the likeness of success in America. My congratulations to you for exemplifying originality, respect and luxury.

Please keep in mind that your audience is broad and diverse, but don't worry about stepping on toes, because the patrons of your magazine are secure in themselves and generally don't get p.o.'ed at every little thing. Keep up the good work and speak your mind. Thank you.

Brandon T. Peele
Hinsdale, Illinois

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