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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Ron Perelman, Spring 95

(continued from page 10)

My boyfriend is a cigar aficionado, and he really enjoys a good smoke. In fact, I am not sure what he likes better--choosing the cigar from his local tobacconist or the leisure time spent smoking it. My problem wasn't accepting his habit but a fear of kissing the smoker himself.

Since getting rid of my boyfriend was an option that was out of the question (even though he explained to me that he was late for our first date because he was hung up in the "smoking room" on his way over to meet me), and I would never make him stop his passion for cigars (the truth is I really enjoy the smell and the relaxing time spent together on long leisurely evenings after dinner), the only thing left to do was join him. (At the very least we would be kissing fairly.)

It's been an education. I've learned about sizes, types, tastes, the how-tos and what not to do. We venture into his favorite tobacco shop in Los Angeles (Wine Sellers) and spend at least an hour. There's nothing I'd rather do than share, be with, or watch my boyfriend enjoy his passion.

For all those men who can't stand women in "their domain," my boyfriend would like to disagree--he loves to share his cigar (obviously providing me with the half-smoked ones).

That's when I realized that a cigar was more than a smoke--that it was a rare pleasure. It's a wonderful aroma, a relaxing passion and a part of every good evening. I love to watch him as he starts his ritual on a brand new Montecristo. Wetting the end, cutting the perfect tip, using only wooden matches, lighting the end just right and ohh...that first puff. It is a ritual after dinner I love being a part of, and I feel privileged that he can share this with me. In fact, we've had quite a few laughs betting on the reactions of people around us as I, too, light up for a puff!

Well, you can say that since that first date, not only has my passion for my boyfriend gotten better but my appreciation for the cigar has, too. Few good men understand a truly great cigar, but a great woman is one who truly enjoys the atmosphere surrounding a good man and his cigar.

Thank you, Cigar Aficionado, for shedding continual light on a subject I've learned to appreciate more and more.

Suzanne C.
Newport Beach, California

* * *

Dear Marvin,

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