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The inscription on the latter is in Czech and translates:
For the 50th Year
Our Grandfather
Karel Tayerla
It was bought in 1915.
These items were discovered as I helped Mildred Vainer clean and sell her house after her sister Henrietta died in May 1994.
We had planned to sell them, but I saw you on the CNN program "Pinnacle" and was so impressed! I told Mildred about you and we decided it would be special to send her grandfather's cutter to you as you are a collector of cigar accessories. We thought the boxes and the holder might be of interest to you too.
Mildred Vainer is 87. She was eight and her sister, seven, when they gifted their grandfather with the cutter. Neither sister married and they lived together until now. Mildred must go into a home now and it has been a sad thing to close their house and move on.
It has made her happy to pass something on to someone who will find some joy in its possession.
I bought a copy of Cigar Aficionado to get your address. It is a classy magazine as would befit the height of smoking elegance.
Wishes for reaching more "Pinnacles."
Sonia Golden
Willoughby Hills, Ohio
Editor's response: My thanks to you and Mildred for thinking of me.

* * *

Dear Marvin,
I always look forward to the next issue of Cigar Aficionado. But when I saw that your Spring issue included a review of the best poker rooms in all of gaming, I was even more excited than usual.
Of course, ratings of any sort are extremely subjective. However, I would like to note that author Jim Maroe was unfortunately just a few weeks early in his quest to find Atlantic City's finest place for poker play. On April 7, superstars Willie Mays and Paul Anka helped The Grand, owned by Bally's, open our new casino, which includes Atlantic City's most refined poker room. Among the more striking features of our new 16-table room are boardwalk-level, floor-to-ceiling windows that offer a panoramic view of our beautiful beach and ocean (the only such view in Atlantic City).
Like Cigar Aficionado itself, we at The Grand pride ourselves in catering to an exclusive audience. And we are confident that your readers, and all discerning poker players, will thoroughly enjoy our new poker room. After all, since The Grand is already the Atlantic City home for another Cigar Aficionado fan, Bill Cosby, where else would a self-respecting cigar lover play?
Joseph C. Jimenez
Executive Vice President
The Grand, Atlantic City, New Jersey

* * *

Dear Marvin,
Having just passed my first quarter century of cigar smoking, it is time to share with my fellow cigar aficionados the top 10 reasons why it still pays to smoke a cigar in New York City.
Reason #10--The dog gets a lot more exercise.
Reason #9--Nobody throws red paint at you.
Reason #8--Your wife never smells perfume on your clothes.
Reason #7--The "pooper-scooper" law doesn't apply to cigar butts.
Reason #6--It's a great way to meet Cuban women.
Reason #5--It's a great way to meet Cuban men.
Reason #4--Your wife's lawyer keeps conferences to less than 10 minutes.
Reason #3--When you fall asleep on the bench at the mall, people save your cigar.
Reason #2--You seldom have to see your mother-in-law.
Reason #1--You get thrown out of some of the finest restaurants.
Harry N. Turk
New York, New York

* * *

Dear Marvin,
I read with great interest your Editor's Note in the Spring 1995 issue.
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