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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Tom Selleck, Winter 95/96

(continued from page 2)

Our meetings are scheduled whenever the membership feels a need to escape from work, studies and the constraints of a politically correct world. We retreat to the wood paneling, leather couches and fireplace of the Churchill Room downstairs: a refuge in which cigars can be lit and both drinks and conversation can flow freely without the annoyance of contemporary scowls or prohibition.

Cigars occupy a special role in the society, as they should in any club worthy of the Churchill name. Indeed, cigars are enshrined in our short constitution: "Article V: The smoking of cigars is to be encouraged at all times."

You are, of course, not surprised that the Churchill Society would exist, for Cigar Aficionado reports often on the need for, and growing popularity of, such clubs in America. What might interest you, however, is that the phenomenon of political correctness and this resulting desire for cigar clubs is not limited to American soil.

The Churchill Society consists of men from across the globe: Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, Mauritius, England-- as well as Texas and Washington, D.C. What is common to us all are two basic things: The first is a basic love of fine cigars, good drink, and lively conversation. The second is a regretful feeling that such basic pleasures are deemed déclassé in today's "new and improved" society, be it in Washington or London.

Yes, Marvin, our members can attest that American political correctness and tobacco vilification are slowly but surely spreading across the globe. Anti-cigar fervor and regulation abroad have not yet reached the same level as in the United States, but have no doubt that this low-quality export is indeed finding receptive markets.

Although this is indeed depressing, some solace can be taken in the fact that Cigar Aficionado-style resistance is also burgeoning. As political correctness spreads among many, others are infected only with the increased appreciation for the simple pleasure of a fine cigar.

The Churchill Society salutes Cigar Aficionado for its role in protecting and promoting the good life, and urges it to remember that its efforts are needed beyond the American shores.

Royce Poinsett, John Hennessy
London, England

* * *

Dear Marvin,

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