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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Tom Selleck, Winter 95/96

(continued from page 10)

Dear Marvin,

After reading the letters you receive every month decrying the lack of tolerance of cigar smokers among the general population, I would like to relate something that happened to me this past May.

I was attending a company meeting in Jefferson City, Missouri, and on the way I had stopped at a cigar store and purchased a bundle of Churchill-sized Dominican hand-rolled cigars. A colleague of mine (a cigarette smoker) and I needed to get together after dinner to discuss a few projects we were working on. I suggested that we needed cigars to properly conduct our business. He quickly agreed to try one. Since the hotel did not have a cigar friendly area, we decided to go outside and walk while we talked and smoked.

Unfortunately, it was raining quite heavily. In fact, it had rained so much that the hotel's underground parking garage had flooded, and was in the process of being pumped out. The smell of river water in the hotel lobby was quite strong. We decided to sit outside the hotel, on the steps under the awning to smoke. A few minutes after we started, a hotel employee came out of the lobby and came directly over to us. My first thought was "I can't believe we're not allowed to smoke outside!" However to my surprise, she said, "Would you gentlemen mind coming into the lobby to smoke those cigars? The smell from the parking garage is making us sick and we would love to smell cigar smoke!" Being the considerate smoker I am, I readily agreed! We went inside and spent a wonderful couple of hours smoking and talking. There were a few new guests who looked at us askew, but we knew we were there with the full authority of the hotel management. It made for a nice change.

Although I don't normally think of using a fine cigar as an air freshener, I am always ready to oblige.

Brian Murray
St. Marys, Ohio

* * *

Dear Marvin,

I got married on June 24, 1995, and I promised my best man and ushers the best cigars to celebrate the occasion. They are used to smoking the machine-made brands purchased at any drugstore or gas station.

After a few calls and a bit of road time, I obtained six Cuban Hoyo de Monterrey double coronas--three for me and one for each of my guys. They were quite expensive but well worth the money. After the wedding, I taught them the ritual of a good cut and a good light and we sat and enjoyed our stogies. I could see the enjoyment and satisfaction on their faces. Now they know why I spend so much money on good cigars. I think I have spawned a few new cigar aficionados.

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