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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Demi Moore, Autumn 96

(continued from page 3)

Dear Marvin,

I'd like to respond to a letter published in your last issue, from the gentleman (and I use the term loosely) who feels that "cigar aficionadA's" might just be "impostors."

I am a 42-year-old executive for a major computer training company in the D.C. area, and a single mom! I always have a very full day, which includes the second worst commute in the nation, the Beltway, so when I need to relax, I smoke a cigar!

I was a cigarette smoker for many years and in 1974 was employed at the New York Zoological Society (Bronx Zoo). After the gates closed at the end of a busy day (when the crowds were overwhelming), my associates and I gathered back in our office to count up the day's receipts. I was inevitably out of cigarettes. My co-workers, all retired New York City cops, would never offer to buy me cigarettes because they were bad for your health--they always offered for me to sample their cigars! Well, needless to say, I've been hooked since then. (I quit smoking cigarettes over five years ago).

I am the woman who has had the guts to light up a cigar in public for years; I've been trendy for a long time, and personally I have enjoyed all the attention. I have on occasion had men approach me, asking that I please talk to their wives, hoping that I could help convert them.

Imagine my fiancé's relief when on our first date, he asked if I minded if he lit up. I said, "Hey no problem, I'll join you," and we both shared a great smoke (Hoyo de Monterrey Sultans).

After a busy day at the office and that three-hour commute, I really appreciate the relaxation and solitude I experience from lighting up a fine cigar. And in response to that doubting Thomas who wrote that letter: Hey, I might not own my own humidor, but I'm a female cigar smoker and proud of it!

Trish Gilliland
Centreville, Virginia

Editor's note: Got the message, Mr. Gordon? Above is a small sampling of the many letters we received on this subject. As we said in the very beginning of this magazine, we think that it's great that our cigar smoking community is growing, and all are welcome into our community.


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