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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Danny DeVito, Winter 96

(continued from page 12)


Dear Marvin,

Not surprisingly, the good times and new friendships created from the pleasure of smoking fine cigars is being undermined by the insurance industry. Namely, it's the life insurance industry. Recently, my life insurance agent notified me that smoking more than 12 cigars a year puts such an individual in a higher risk category, and is therefore subject to higher premiums. This sent me over the edge, particularly at a time when cigars are enjoyed by mostly upper-income, healthy individuals that have life insurance-- how convenient and profitable.

If the ban in many restaurants for cigar smoking wasn't bad enough, now the insurance industry plans to sink their teeth into our wallets by observing a preposterously low smoking tolerance level. Where is the justice? More importantly, do you have any medical evidence to help fellow cigar smokers counter their claims? I eagerly await your response.

William R. Little
Cazenovia, New York

Editor's Note: We ran a story about cigar friendly life insurance companies in the Autumn 1995 issue. Please check it out. There are still many alternatives for people whose life insurance companies try to unfairly lump them together with cigarette smokers.


Dear Marvin,

On June 22, 1996, I was vacationing at our camp in Tionesta, Pennsylvania, situated at the western edge of the Allegheny Forest. The camp itself is on an island in the middle of the Allegheny River. Around 10:30 p.m., I was sitting on the porch smoking my favorite cigar, a Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur No. 2. I was accompanied by family members that included my wife, son, sister-in-law and her husband. Everyone was very interested in my preoccupation with cigars, especially this one. My wife and sister-in-law wanted to puff on it mainly out of curiosity. I made a rare exception this time and agreed to it.

Cigars, to me, are personal things not usually passed around for people to puff on madly, making them hot, soft or otherwise abusing them. I like the way a cigar will take on the fit of my mouth and teeth after a few minutes and don't like anyone screwing that up. This cigar was recently lit, making it the most gentle time of the cigar for a beginner to try. My wife is accepting my cigar smoking very well and jokingly refers to them as "stogies."

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