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After taking the first puff of my Opus X, I was in heaven. My girlfriend actually laughed at me, although she understood the immense pleasure the cigar was giving me. We sat by the pond and talked about our trip and other things in life as I enjoyed my fine cigar. The pleasure I got from the cigar was like no other that I have had. There simply are no words to describe it, other than "heavenly." Too soon, my cigar came to an end. The 10 and a half hours I waited to smoke my precious cigar were well worth it. It was a day that I will never forget. I can hardly wait for my next greatest pleasure, which will be seeing my brother enjoy one of these fine cigars that I brought back for him.
I feel that I owe this wonderful night in part to Cigar Aficionado, and I thank you for all that you do for us cigar lovers in the world. Your magazine is not only incredibly enjoyable, it is also educational. I have acquired a vast amount of knowledge from your magazine as well as from your Internet pages. I would also like to thank my beautiful girlfriend for putting up with my obsession.
Aaron Manning
Little Rock, Arkansas
Dear Marvin,
I read with interest the letter published in the March/ April 1997 Cigar Aficionado from David Bernick of Boston. But before my fellow aficionados form an impression of "Generation X" from his letter, I must come to my generation's defense.
I, too, fall under the broad description of Generation X, but I disagree with David's letter. While I believe in diversity and non-discrimination, I don't think we will see a sudden proliferation of blue-haired, body pierced, leather-and-stud clad punk rockers in our local smoke shops. When individuals like this realize that being poor and hungry isn't fun, they will change and get jobs that let them earn a living. In the meantime, I welcome all the Davids that enjoy cigars to shop alongside me in the humidor, to openly discuss cigar experiences with me, and even recommend a smoke I haven't tried yet.
I am Generation X. I am 27 years old and am recently married. I wear suits to work, I have short hair and I drive a Honda. I have two dogs, a two-bedroom apartment, and consider myself to be a success by most of today's standards.
I have an undergraduate degree in finance from Auburn University. I struggled to find work in the lean job market of 1992, working as a temp, as a waiter, as a part-time painter. I finally found a good job working in a securities processing center. After a year, I went back to school at nights and for two and a half years worked toward an MBA. I finished my MBA in May of last year from Belmont University's Massey Graduate School.
I now work for the greatest health-care company in the world, as a financial analyst. Every day I work with hospital CFOs to resolve problems with their budgets, I use advanced spreadsheet and database programs to analyze data, and I interact with a great team of professionals in my department.
For about a year I have enjoyed a fine cigar twice monthly with a co-worker who is also an aficionado. I don't have a favorite yet; I enjoy trying new smokes and trying to determine what subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) differences I can taste from my last cigar. I enjoy PadrĂ³n, Macanudo and Hoyo de Monterrey. My wife and I also enjoy collecting wine. I don't scrape change together to buy these cigars, but I keep a budget in mind to please my wife, as we are saving for a house.
I look forward to the time when I can afford a beautiful humidor, and I can buy cigars by the box instead of individually. I'll probably have a small wine cellar to accompany my passion for cigars. Until then, I'll enjoy my occasional cigar with a glass of Merlot or imported beer.
I am Generation X. There's nothing to be afraid of!
Andy Loving
Brentwood, Tennessee
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