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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Pierce Brosnan, Nov/Dec 97

(continued from page 7)


Dear Marvin,

In mid-June my father and I headed to California for one of his business trips. Normally I would not be included in one of these trips, but I had recently finished a semester at school and needed a vacation. We were heading to the Sacramento and San Francisco areas--Sacramento for the business portion of the trip and then San Francisco to visit relatives and sightsee.

To make a long story short we had spent a week looking around and taking in all of the sights, and the next day we had a flight back to Virginia. My father and I had spent a week worth of quality time together and I figured I would top the trip off by sharing a cigar with my dad on Father's Day. Before this night I had never smoked with my dad, so this was a special bonding night; I have always been real close to my father, but this night was incredible.

Before we left home I happened to pick up a couple of Cuban Montecristo No. 2s and, thanks to your Web site, the name of some popular cigar bars in San Francisco. So heading out for our last night on the town, I took my dad to Fume, a cigar bar right next to our hotel. The bar was quiet on a Sunday night, but what a great atmosphere for a smoke with my dad. With jazz playing over the speakers we sat down, ordered some drinks and lit up our cigars. I had heard about Cuban cigars being good, but this cigar was probably the best I ever had. My dad smoked his down to the nub and practically burned his knuckles. We sat around talking about cigars and life. I will always remember that evening for the pleasure that my father and I experienced from sharing one of life's simple treats together.

J.K. Ronay
Fairfax, Virginia


Dear Marvin,

If it wasn't for the Internet, I would never have been introduced to the wonderful world of cigars. Last year I bought a new super-duper computer and decided to go on-line. The world of the Internet opened up before me; locating anything on the Internet is a bit like searching through a darkened Library of Congress with a pen flashlight. Eventually I found IRC, or Internet Relay Chat, and parked myself as a regular in one of the chat channels.

Around that same time a man in Oklahoma named Ross was discovering the same chat channel and we began talking. It turns out that Ross is a cigar lover, and I shared with him the fact that although I have never been a smoker I have always had a desire to smoke a cigar, sip a glass of Port and read a good book. That was my picture of peace and tranquility and some day I would try it.

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