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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Sylvester Stallone, Mar/Apr 98

(continued from page 2)

I now know that I am on a list every time I go to Montreal, but that will not deter me from enjoying a friendship and also smoking cigars.

P.S. Are Cuban cigar boxes on the contraband list?

Michael A. Noonan
Cumberland, Maryland

Editor's note: We're sorry for your difficulty at the border. Your experience is further proof that U.S. Customs has gotten serious about Cuban cigars. And in answer to your question, with rare exceptions, any product exported from Cuba since 1962 can be considered contraband in the United States, including cigar boxes.

* * *

Dear Marvin,

I recently had a Tuesday night that I will never forget! Every evening my wife, Lora, and I enjoy a cocktail out on the front porch of our home while our two children are taking their baths. Often, neighbors will stop by for a visit, and I always have a beer and a good smoke for these great friends.

For the past five weeks I had been sweating over the future of the business that my wife and I have built over the past eight years. We lost our largest account and I had not had a good night's sleep for weeks worrying about how we were going to keep our full-time employees busy for the upcoming period, which promised to be slow.

On this particular evening I was feeling a little better because of some new business that we were getting. I took my regular spot on the porch, took a sip of my wine and lit up a cigar (I don't even remember what kind). My neighbor, Bob, stopped over to visit and I noticed that he was smoking something other than his standard Phillie Blunts. I checked the cigar band out in the candlelight and exclaimed aloud, "You're smoking a Cohiba!?"

I noticed that he had something in his free hand, another Cohiba for me. Bob asked me if I was familiar with Cohiba because he was not. He asked if it was a good cigar, if I had ever smoke one before, and where they were made. I explained that yes, they are an excellent cigar, I had smoked them before, and that they were made in the Dominican Republic. I also informed him that the real trophy was made in Cuba and although I dreamed of smoking a Cuban Cohiba some day, that as yet I had not.

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