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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Susan Lucci, Sep/Oct 99

(continued from page 2)

The milestone June issue goes a long way in conveying to its readers the truth about Cuba, which definitely can be found on the island and not generally in the U.S. media.  

Exemplary of the disinformation by the U.S. government is the description of its policy toward Cuba as an "embargo." This is a euphemism utilized by Uncle Sam to hide its mendacity in attempting to lay siege to the people of Cuba in order to degrade and dismantle their revolutionary government. The correct term describing U.S. policy is "economic blockade," a term used by all except the United States--a term used by 157 countries that recently voted against U.S. policy in the United Nations--a term more accurately describing what is really economic war or attempted genocide.  

The term "embargo" used in the Cigar Aficionado June issue is a legal interference with trade. U.S. policy is not only illegal but immoral.  

Harry K. Nier Jr.
Denver-Havana Friendship/Sister City Project
Denver, Colorado  

* * *  

Dear Marvin,  

I am writing you today to commend you on your June issue. Being a 25-year-old graduate student living in Miami, Florida, it is extremely rare to come across such an objective piece relating to the situation in Cuba. If you happen to be based in south Florida, I recommend that you invest in some blockades and insurance immediately because the picketers and pipe bombs are bound to follow. Unfortunately, that is the current situation in south Florida, and it has reached the point where I am forced to write this letter in anonymity. It is ironic that the embargo is a tool designed to ultimately bring democracy to Cuba, and yet I can't even practice the freedom of speech in regards to this subject without doing so in hiding for my own protection.  

I do realize that this is a painful subject to many Cuban residents of the south Florida community, having "lost everything" to the Castro regime (although I was never quite sure on how some of them managed to make it back so quickly), but I can't help feel that our policy towards Cuba is somewhat similar to the behavior of a degenerate gambler--we keep playing at high stakes, hoping for that big score. Forty years later, the Association of World Health reports that "the U.S. embargo has dramatically harmed the health and nutrition" of the same people that we're trying to keep from oppression.  

Supporters of the embargo feel that the suffering of the Cuban people will become so unbearable that they will eventually rise up and overthrow their political leaders. In recent years, conditions have become unbearable, but rather than overthrowing their government, these people are risking their lives on rafts and washing up on our shores. Should we now have the CIA secretly train these people for an invasion--or hasn't that been done before?  

Every single ally we have, with the exception of Israel, which does happen to have investments in Cuba, condemns the U.S. embargo. The fact that this policy remains in place continues to elude me. As a result, the people living in Cuba continue to suffer, and I feel that as Americans, we are being denied our rights to travel to the island. I consider myself a fairly intelligent individual, but the U.S. embargo is one policy that I cannot comprehend. I thank you for this opportunity to voice my opinion, and I congratulate you on an informative issue.

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