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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Susan Lucci, Sep/Oct 99

Dear Marvin, 

The Casa de Cuba in Tampa, Florida, an institution of Cuban exiles, lovers of freedom and zealous defenders of human rights, are responding from a high moral ground against those who defend the dictatorship imposed on our country for four decades at the cost of thousands of our countrymen gunned down, imprisoned, facing shortages of the basic goods needed to survive, and the millions of them who have been denied their liberty and dignity in the country where they were born.  

Christians in the world abhor the attitude of Judas, the disciple, who turned over the Son of God for a few coins. We, the exiled Cubans, in unison with those who reside in our captive island, feel repugnance against those who stand behind democracy (which exists in the United States) to sell for a bit of money the prestige of a magazine like the one you direct, and dedicate the great majority of your articles to defend the bloody regime of the Castro brothers.  

Our martyrs, from their place in heaven where they can be found, feel misery for you, and we all ask that God forgives your souls, and that you repent like Judas did for the treason against our Cuban people.  

Oscar Rodriguez
President, Casa de Cuba
Tampa, Florida  

* * * 

Dear Marvin,  

As a reader of Cigar Aficionado, I was impressed with your June 1999 issue regarding Cuba and cigars. My mother was born in Cuba and worked in the cigar factories of Tampa, Florida. Accordingly, I know something about cigars!  

However, I write to inform you that for over two and a half years I have worked closely with the Cuban Interest Section in Washington, D.C. You and your managing editor, Gordon Mott, should take great pride in the magazine's June issue. The magazine is informative, succinct and balanced. Not any of the major newspapers or periodicals have presented such an informative and timely piece.  

I take a back seat to no one in my belief that America is the greatest democracy mankind has known. But my country's policy toward Cuba is wrong. With the Cold War over, there is no rational explanation to continue the embargo. The present policy is indefensible and inconsistent with American values and self interests. 

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