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The Top 100 Cigar Smokers of the Twentieth Century

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67 OSCAR HAMMERSTEIN I The opera promoter hand-rolled and smoked 25 cigars a day, accumulated more than 40 tobacco-related patents, and published a tobacco trade journal, building Times Square with the profits.  
68 SAMMY DAVIS JR. A member of the smoking Rat Pack, Davis entertained audiences with his singing, dancing, acting and impressions.  
69 JIM BELUSHI The actor has likened cigar smoking to marbles: a guy kind of thing. He says some of his best conversations with men have been conducted over a cigar, such as a Por Larrañaga Nacionales.  
70 GEORGE GERSHWIN A cigar, often a Don Sebastian, was never too far from thecomposer of some of our most beloved musicals, whether he was playing the piano or riding a horse.  
71 ALAN "ACE" GREENBERG The best deal that the Bear Stearns chairman ever made was one that kept him supplied with cigars (courtesy of Ron Perelman) "for quite a while."  
72 MICHAEL RICHARDS TV's Kramer brought the cigar back to the sitcom. His "Seinfeld" smoking misadventures include trading in Cubans (the people, not the cigar) and burning down a cabin with a discarded stogie.  
73 WILLIAM S. PALEY The archetypal media mogul, who headed CBS, grew up in the Philadelphia cigar industry: his family made the La Palina.  
74 JAMES COBURN What does the coolest person of all do? Save the free world as Our Man Flint? Escape the Nazis in The Great Escape? Win an Oscar atage 70? Smoke cigars? Answer:all of the above.  
75 ROBERT DE NIRO What's scarier than a pathological homicidal ex-con stalking your family all over Cape Fear, South Carolina? A pathological homicidal ex-con who's chewing on a Casa Blanca Half Jeroboam Maduro. "Come out, come out, wherever you are."  
76 THOMAS MARSHALL When Woodrow Wilson's vice president jocularly mused, "What this country needs is a good five-cent cigar," he opened himself up for Will Rogers' rejoinder, "There are plenty of good five-cent cigars, but they cost 15 cents."  
77 NAT SHERMAN The world beat a path to Nat Sherman, a New York institution. The cigar emporium impresario entertained politicians, diplomats and actors alike, while smoking a culebra in the store's mezzanine.  
78 PAUL VOLCKER When you're chairman of the Fed, the economic world hangs on your every word. What could be better than that? Smoking cigars in front of Congress.  
79 ARTHUR SCHLESINGER JR. As an adviser to John F. Kennedy, Schlesinger played a part in instituting the embargo on Cuba, but that doesn't keep the historian from enjoying Habanos.  
80 PIERCE BROSNAN During the filming of 1997's James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies, Brosnan, the fin de siècle 007, unwound with cigars at Monty's, the posh London cigar club.  
81 WAYNE GRETZKY The hockey great prefers a mild smoke such as a Macanudo or an Ashton 898. He and his wife, actress Janet Jones, are frequent guests at gala cigar events.  
82 PAUL ANKA The 1950s teen idol and composer of "My Way" likes his cigars one way, and that's Cuban. Cohibas are his favorite.  
83 ANDRE AGASSI When he's not blowing smoke past his opponents on the court, the tennis ace, who won his second U.S. Open title in September, is stalking premium smokes in his hometown of Las Vegas.  
84 JOE PANTOLIANO Actor and co-founder of the Grand Havana Room in Los Angeles, "Joey Pants" enjoys a broad spectrum of smokes, from Fuentes to Cubans.  
85 ERNEST HEMINGWAY While Hemingway was not an avid cigar buff, no less an authority than tobacconist Zino Davidoff once declared him "a devoted smoker of Havana cigars."  
86 ARTHUR GOLDBERG A familiar face at Cigar Aficionado's annual gala dinners, the Park Place Entertainment CEO has led his company to the top of the gaming industry.  
87 HARVEY KEITEL The Habanos-smoking actor staked his place in the cigar pantheon with his role as manager of a fictional Brooklyn cigar shop in the 1995 film Smoke.  
88 TOM WATSON The five-time British Open champ prefers strong cigars, particularly Cohiba Robustos, Partagas 898s and H. Upmann Magnums.  
89 ARTUR RUBINSTEIN The legendary pianist loved Cuban cigars, especially Montecristo No. 2s and 3s, so much that he owned a tobacco plantation in pre-Castro Cuba.  
90 LUCIANO PAVAROTTI The larger-than-life tenor puffs the occasional Cuban, but prefers surprisingly small cigars, Swiss-made Villigers, which he first bought on a whim 22 years ago.  
91 DENNIS HOPPER Often typecast as the maniacal bad guy, the star of Easy Rider and Apocalypse Now has appeared in ads, cigar in hand, for Punch cigars and Ebel watches.  
92 STEVE FLORIO The president of media giant Condé Nast has been a cigar aficionado since his late 20s and loves to savor La Gloria Cubanas and Hoyo de Monterrey Excaliburs while sailing.  
93 LEE IACOCCA The automotive icon has been known to light up a Cohiba after consummating a business deal.  
94 SAMMY SOSA The Dominican-born slugger indulges in Dominican-made Sosa (of course!) and Fuente Fuente OpusX cigars.  
95 NICHOLAS CAGE A cigar-smoking comic-book lover, Cage has forged a flourishing career playing offbeat characters in such films as Leaving Las Vegas.  
96 GREGORY HINES A connoisseur of Davidoffs, the Broadway veteran and tap dancer extraordinaire has starred in many stage musicals, winning a coveted Tony for Jelly's Last Jam in 1992.  
97 JAMES WOODS The Montecristo No. 2-loving Woods, a reformed Hollywood bad boy, has received critical accolades for roles in The Onion Fields, Salvador and Ghosts of Mississippi.  
98 PHIL GUARASCIO The General Motors advertising executive took up cigar smoking two decades ago after a memorable dinner at New York City's "21."  
99 MIKHAIL BARYSHNIKOV The golf-loving ballet legend, who's partial to vintage Cuban Dunhills, was introduced to cigars by director Milos Foreman.  
100 JOHN GRISHAM The top-selling author of legal thrillers such as The Firm enjoys smoking four cigars a week.
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