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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Laurence Fishburne, Jan/Feb 00

(continued from page 3)

I have been a cigar aficionado for several years and I love your magazine, but I had to respond to your choices in the top 100 cigar smokers.  

I could not believe you chose Bill Clinton and Rudolph Giuliani. Both these men are the antithesis of what cigar smoking is all about: freedom. They represent government encroachment on personal freedom and liberties in all its ugliness. Bill Clinton has spearheaded the antitobacco witch-hunt that your magazine continuously deplores, and he pushes government intrusion on all issues, including our constitutional right to bear arms. You even admit that you don't know if he smokes! Likewise, Rudolph Giuliani tramples the rights of his own people, which he has proven by his willingness to confiscate and sell private cars without the due course of a trial.  

Just because these men are successful politicians does not mean they deserve to be recognized as great cigar lovers. A true cigar lover embodies the freedom and pleasure that cigar smoking brings.  

Greg Jeffreys Cigar Aficionado Online

Dear Marvin,  

I have been a satisfied subscriber to your fine periodical for over three years. I am now compelled to write regarding my extreme displeasure with your choice for the cover story of the December 2001 Cigar Aficionado.  

A feature story on "professional" wrestling is something I would expect from [lesser] magazines, but certainly not from you! Surely you can find a subject matter more deserving of your periodical than the societal abomination that is the WWF (or WCW, or whatever).  

The cover of your magazine has been graced previously with such noteworthy cigar smokers as Winston Churchill, JFK, Groucho Marx and any number of other historical and celebrity figures who represent the best of our culture. Stooping to provide Vince McMahon with the same exposure is a disservice to your readership.  

I was mildly disappointed with the soap opera diva featured on the cover of the last issue; I find this issue's cover disturbing, to say the least. Please don't dumb down your outstanding magazine in an effort to pander to the lowest common denominator of our society.  

David K. Tarr Baltimore, Maryland

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