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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
J.P. Morgan, Mar/Apr 00

(continued from page 1)

Dear Marvin,  

When it comes to Winston Churchill ("Top 100 Cigar Smokers," December 1999) and Saudi Arabian royalty, Abdul Aziz Ibn-Saud could hardly have been convinced by Churchill's argument for smoking cigars in front of His Highness. In The Kingdom: Arabia & the House of Saud, author Robert Lacey relates a telling anecdote about a meeting between FDR, Churchill and Ibn-Saud on board an ocean liner anchored in the Suez Canal.  

FDR was an avid cigarette smoker, but he would only smoke late at night, in his wheelchair on deck, out of the king's presence. The king, however, did catch a glimpse of FDR smoking late one night and was honored.  

Churchill, on the other hand, persisted in smoking in the king's presence and even blowing smoke at the king, who was extremely uncomfortable with Churchill's belligerence. As a result, The Kingdom concludes that the relations between Saudi Arabia and the United States to this day have been warm and friendly while the Saudi's relations with England have been chilly.  

An awfully powerful consequence for a few puffs on a simple cigar.  

David Curry
New York, New York  

* * *  

Dear Marvin,  

You are to be commended for putting Laurence Fishburne on your cover (February 2000). Your magazine has always been a leader in covering the full world of cigar lovers, and not just the lily-white world.  

That being said, your cover article made no mention of the Spike Lee movies in which Mr. Fishburne played key roles. If there were no School Dayz or Do the Right Thing, there would not have been a Boyz in the Hood or Othello with Fishburne in lead roles. These movies established him as an African-American actor who is not afraid to appear in movies that have something to say about the state of race relations in America.  

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