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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Kevin Bacon, May/Jun 00

Dear Marvin,  

The April Cigar Aficionado was the first I had ever read. I loved everything about it, except one thing. Peter Gammons's statement that Jackie Robinson was baseball's most "significant" athlete of the twentieth century is absurd. Gammons must have been smoking something other than cigars to come up with that error!  

The facts are clear: Babe Ruth was baseball's most significant athlete. Why? Because, for one, can you name the first black player in football, basketball and hockey? Probably not; we remember Jackie Robinson because Babe Ruth made baseball so popular. In 1919 the White Sox gambled on the World Series and cost baseball enormous amounts of goodwill with fans.

However, when Babe Ruth began smacking home runs in New York, people's attitudes started to change. He hit 59 home runs in 1921, more than any other team that year. He brought all those fans back and created a legion of new ones. Babe Ruth made baseball what it was and is. He is baseball's most significant athlete of the twentieth and any other century.  

Vincent Papa
Centereach, New York

Dear Marvin, 

What a wonderful point your most December 1999 editorial made regarding the camaraderie of cigar smoking. In these days of ATMs, pay-at-the-pump, online shopping and home-based businesses, it seems we lose more and more human contact all the time. How often do any of us get the chance to sit down and just talk to someone without trying to sell them something?

How nice it is to enjoy such a simple pleasure with people from all walks of life that we would probably never get the opportunity to know otherwise.  

Gordon Erd
Lake Mary, Florida

Dear Marvin,  

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