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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Bo Derek, Jul/Aug 00

(continued from page 2)

Oren H Adelson
St. Petersburg, Florida  

Editor's reply: Oren, after a few more issues, I'd appreciate hearing from you if you believe we have reached the happy medium that you are seeking.

Dear Marvin,  

Congratulations on the new styling of Cigar Aficionado! As the editor-in-chief of a community newspaper here in Hell's Kitchen [Manhattan], I am well aware of how such transformations can sometimes turn off those people who are resistant to change. But I cannot imagine such resistance coming from cigar smokers. You see, being married to a cigar smoker I know that as a group they are continuously experimenting, relishing new brands and sampling a wide array of shapes, sizes and colors. With such a broad-minded readership, Cigar Aficionado should experience little or no drop-off in circulation as a result of the alterations.  

So to all readers who may find themselves longing for the old Cigar Aficionado style to come back, I offer this unsolicited advice: Savor the new Cigar Aficionado design as you would a new Havana. And take your time. After all, didn't it take you some time to fully appreciate cigars, caviar and other pleasures of life? Well, having subscribed to Cigar Aficionado from the beginning, I know that this magazine is truly one of life's pleasures!  

Saundra R. Halberstam
New York, New York

Dear Marvin,  

My kids know how to treat me; they bring me your magazine. I read it cover to cover and enjoy it all. It reminds me a little of the early Esquire and Playboy that I enjoyed as a younger man.  

I just read the letters in the Cigar Aficionado Online "Dear Editors" forum, and I disagree with the negative comments about the magazine and its new style. There is both joy and interest in reading about something different or unattainable. I've also noticed more great American writers in your magazine, and my suggestion to you is to extend this trend to writing short articles about American literary giants who also enjoyed cigars; perhaps even republishing old short stories or commentaries/essays by them.  

By the way, the cigar coverage is terrific--right across the spectrum.  

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