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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Bo Derek, Jul/Aug 00

Dear Marvin, 

First of all, I welcome your new look. I have been a loyal reader since the initial stages of Cigar Aficionado, and have also been a fervent critic in that your magazine, at times, caters to the filthy rich.  

As a Cuban American, I grew up hearing about all things Cuban. One of the subjects that always fascinated me was cigars. I discovered the phenomenon of cigars in my late teens, and today I enjoy one, sometimes two cigars after dinner. I find that smoking cigars is medicinal both for the mind and the body. I don't inhale because I, being a pulmonary physician, know of the havoc it can eventually produce in the airways and the lung parenchyma, not to mention other organs.  

What really prompted me to write is how perplexed I am that you have had some subscribers state on your Web site that they will unsubscribe because of the changes in the magazine.  

Marvin, your magazine offers an enormous amount of information that many cigar smokers appreciate. I'm rather perplexed to see how certain subscribers expressed their harsh views, without even allowing time for your publication to prove itself. I find it even more disturbing that these people are going to unsubscribe and not receive probably the most resourceful magazine on cigars. The price is trivial, and the information is fantastic. It doesn't bother me to see an article that I don't particularly care for. On the contrary, it reinforces my belief that the more eclectic your magazine is, the more suited it is for minds that want food for thought.  

I want to take this opportunity to tell your readers that your publication is not going to give what everyone wants to read every time. Rather, there will be material that will interest few, as well as material that will be welcomed by all. Extremism has never served any purpose.  

I find that for the price of a few premium cigars, your magazine offers much.  

One last comment: I would appreciate if you would eliminate "The Good Life Magazine For Men" slogan on the cover. Many women enjoy the publication, and I can bet they are highly offended because of this.  

Looking forward to many years of enjoying Cigar Aficionado!  

Richard Periut, M.D.
Little Ferry, New Jersey

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