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There are a large number of collectors here who visit because they know there is a regular listing of antique books from as early as the 1400s to the nineteenth century. This is the same with other categories. A customer of mine, in order to raise money to purchase one of my manuscripts, sold some of his glass collection; several items sold for nearly $1,000 each (I checked).
The readers of Cigar Aficionado should be aware that there are high-quality and rare items in the regular eBay. While they might not find the Declaration of Independence, there are bargains to be found, which explains why a great number of book dealers visit eBay to purchase inventory. In any event, keep up the good work, and happy bidding.
Ari Millner
Alexandria, Virginia
Dear Marvin,
It is so refreshing to know I am not alone when it comes to the namby-pamby attitudes of our elected officials. When will it end? Voting, I feel, has come down to picking the lesser of the two evils. I saw a glimmer of hope when Jesse Ventura was elected in Minnesota. His article (August 2000) was very refreshing. I only hope more people would follow Minnesota's lead--and vote. Imagine what would be said if more than 60 percent of the voters actually voted this November?! An individual who said what he/she truly felt would have my vote.
Levis Nelson
Marietta, Georgia

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