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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
The Sopranos, Mar/Apr 01

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Hunt should remember this Kennedy thing is not going to go away as long as gutsy reporters and investigators keep chipping away at it. Hunt had the motive for wanting JFK out of the way. If you're such a patriot, how about the truth about JFK, Mr. Hunt?

Thank you, Marvin and Mr. Giammarco, for doing your patriotic duty in exposing this man for what he is and talking about that little trial in Florida that should have shocked the world.

Drew Johnson
Studio City, California


Dear Marvin,

I've been a regular reader of your magazine from almost the beginning. But your editorial in the February 2001 issue made me a little angry. I felt, as an American, I was being lectured to.

So new legislation was introduced in late October, right before an election, that would loosen the trade embargo with Cuba, allowing direct sales of foodstuffs and medicines to Cuba. But I understand from your editorial what really upset Castro was the last-minute change in the bill prohibiting any direct U.S. financing for those deals. To that I say: let Castro be upset. Cuba already does business with the rest of the industrialized world.

You point out that Castro has once again used this action to make the United States the root of all Cuba's troubles. Come on; even if we ended the embargo tomorrow and gave Cuba all the food and medicine it needed, Castro would still spit in the face of the United States. I believe Castro's anger at the United States is deeper than the anger of the anti-Castro exiles we saw during the Elián González fiasco. Instead of trying to negotiate with us, Castro immediately took to the streets to once again condemn this country, a country that has bailed out many other countries with untold billions of taxpayer dollars.

I think it's time for Castro to drop some of his anger and propaganda and try meeting the U.S. halfway. Why is the United States to blame for all of this? And why does Castro have to have it all his way? You had some pretty strong words to describe the Cuban-American anti-Castro faction in the United States, words like narrow-minded and selfish. I think those same words could be used to describe Castro.

Walter Darocha
Long Beach, California

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