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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Raquel Welch, Jul/Aug 01

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Editor's note: Thank you for your letter. Our Insights columns are not based on any political agenda. Rather, we offer viewpoints from across the political spectrum to provide food for thought and discussion.


Dear Marvin:

Thank God you have written yet another story on Cuba! I really enjoy the repeated focus on travel opportunities that do not exist for myself and most Americans. Don't get me wrong -- I enjoyed the May '99 edition outlining the Cuban embargo, political perspectives and the opinions of Americans born or having relatives in Cuba. It was very educational the first time. However, it was frustrating to see 38 percent of your last edition again dedicated to Cuba, not to mention other recent articles. What is the point in highlighting the Cuban nightlife, tobacco country, investments and resorts when it is illegal for Americans to travel there or invest? I'm sure this information is critical for Mr. Suckling to travel around Cuba sucking on Cuban smokes, but I found your detailed list of hotels and restaurants of no value. Your "Getting There" article seemed to say, "Well, you aren't allowed to go there, but you should anyway."

My pet rock and I were arguing over why you choose to focus on Cuba yet again. He says it's because of your magazine's connections with advertisers and other political interests you are pursuing on their behalf. But I say it was some other reason, perhaps because of your magazine's new format and target audience, where the topic of Cuba has high readership interest. So why the emphasis? It can't be out of reverence to Cuba, where the "best" cigars are still made. I would bet James, and most other readers would agree, that Cuban cigars aren't a good value compared to Dominican, Honduran and others made today.

One of the reasons I enjoy reading your magazine is to gain insight into the activities and lifestyles, some that I cannot currently afford, but may someday. I like your recent change towards more lifestyle content as well. But your repeated focus on Cuba is tiresome. I also believe a person shouldn't complain unless they put forth some suggestions. So I have two: either rename your magazine Cuba Aficionado, or focus instead on travel to other countries where my passport and visa will work.

Greg Schultz

Colorado Springs, Colorado

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