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Insights: Indulgences

Fever Shopping for one of Enzo's creations? Don't let your heart rule your head
Matt Kramer
From the Print Edition:
The Cuba Issue, May/Jun 01

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I ask about the famous Testarossa, one of Ferrari's most futuristically beautiful designs, an icon of the 1980s. "It is beautiful," agrees Roush. "But it will never be a collectible. They made a ton of them: more than 7,000 Testarossas. Prices are in decline and they'll probably keep declining."

Guthrie also admires the Testarossa design, but cautions that its interior is "claustrophobic." It's tricky to drive, he notes, because it's so wide. "But golly, it's got some nice swoopy power." You can get a good Testarossa for $60,000 to $70,000.

What do you look for with any older Ferrari? One thing Roush and Guthrie wholeheartedly -- even heatedly -- agree on is the false allure of low mileage. "A lot of people place a high premium on low mileage," says Roush. "They're wrong. A lot of the servicing on Ferraris is more time-sensitive than mileage sensitive."

"People are obsessed about low mileage," grouses Guthrie. "It's nonsense. You want a car that's been driven. You want service records that show that the owner attended to all sorts of little details, not just an engine overhaul."

Roush puts it succinctly. "Condition, condition, condition," he declares. "You want service records. Clear, provable, diligent care. Never mind miles."

So what should I buy? If the pocketbook permits, I'd say the top choice is the Ferrari F355. It has it all: comfort, speed and undeniable stylish elegance. The Testarossa is a deal, but no investment.

And what about my longed-for Ferrari Dino? Never mind.


Matt Kramer is a columnist for Wine Spectator magazine, Cigar Aficionado's sister publication.


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