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Smoking in Peace

David Shaw
From the Print Edition:
Premier Issue, Autumn 92

(continued from page 8)

Mirroring trends toward lighter foods and alcoholic beverages--white wine rather than martinis--some (though by no means all) tobacconists simultaneously note a drift toward milder cigars.

Of course, size, shape and taste are matters of individual preference. Several of my friends love the feel of a panatela in their hand, for example, but Christopher Kuhl of Davidoff says, "Smoking a panatella is like drinking Mouton Rothschild through a straw."

Well, I happen to like both panatellas and Mouton, and given some of the neo-Prohibitionist sentiment I've sensed recently, I'm beginning to worry that some do-badders may soon try to make it as difficult for people to drink wine as they have made it for people to smoke cigars. I'm not quite sure why we have become a nation of blue-nosed busybodies--although I'm sure our Puritan heritage is part of it--but I wish the Moral Police would just leave me alone. If they'll let me smoke my cigar (and drink my wine) in peace, I'll promise not to blow smoke in their direction, not to drink and drive ... and not to complain about their smelly cigarettes, their sinus-clogging perfume... or their stupefying ignorance of the finer things in life.

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