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As a general rule, cigars at chinchales are less expensive than name brands. But be careful, sometimes they cost much more than they are worth. Also, be aware that cigars labeled fumas are cheaper (under $1) because they are made with short filler--the cuttings left over from the production of the long-filler smokes.
Buying Guide
A bit of caution should be used when purchasing chinchales-produced cigars. These cigars smoke best right off the rollers' table. If you can't buy them locally, be certain to revive them in a humidor--otherwise they'll be too dry to smoke. Also, these cigars are generally less complex than other commercially available products. Quantitatively, you get more cigars for your money at chinchales, but there's no comparing them to the quality of most premium cigars; that's the point. It's a different cigar and a new experience.
Antelo Cigars
437 S.W. 17th Ave. (305) 642-8911
Laurencio Double Corona: This cigar has an even draw, delivering a combination of lightly spicy aromas and a full-bodied taste. The finish is rather mild.
(Ring Gauge: 42 Length: 7 1/2" Price: $1.40)
El Canelo Cigar Factory
709 N.W. 27th Ave. (305) 541-6315
Miniatures: A slightly sweet smoke with a fast draw. A lot of smoke comes out of this little, no-nonsense cigar.
(Ring Gauge: 30 Length: 4 1/2" Price: $16 for 25 cigars)
Moore & Bode
810 S.W. 16th Ave. (305) 649-5308
Pyramid: A lovely looking cigar, with mild creamy aromas and flavors. Lacks a certain "punch," but the pyramid is a well-made, enjoyable smoke.
(Ring Gauge: tapered Length: 5 1/2" Price: $5)
Chavelo Cigars
7345 West Flagler St. (800) 222-9930
No. 1: The best feature of this cigar is a good fill and solid construction, which gives it an even draw. It emits sweet aromas, which evolve into spicy notes later in the smoke.
(Ring Gauge: 44 Length: 6 7/8" Price: $39 for 25 cigars)
La Isla
505 42nd St. (201) 864-2627
No. 1: An initial sweetness gives way to peppery tastes and full, spicy aromas. A genuinely Cuban style comes through.
(Ring Gauge: 38 Length: 6 1/2" Price: $1.40)
2116 Summit Ave. (201) 867-8260
Churchills: An easy-to-smoke, uncomplicated cigar. Smooth, rich taste, strong aroma and a very fast draw.
(Ring Gauge: 50 Length: 7" Price: $1.20)
Vincent & Tampa Cigar Co.
2503 21st St. (813) 248-1511
La Eminencia Premier: A fairly plain smoke, with a fast burn and lots of smoke. The taste is mild with a bit of creaminess but little distinction.
(Ring Gauge: 44 Length: 7" Price: $13.25 for 25 cigars)
Rodriguez & Menendez
4321 Armenia Ave. (813) 879-9740
President: A sharp, bold flavor delivered with lots of smoke on the first 10 minutes of draw. Later, the draw tightens, but the flavor remains constant.
(Ring Gauge: 50 Length: 7 1/4" Price: $ 1)
Don Pablo Cigar Co.
3025 Las Vegas Blvd. (800) 537-4957
Torpedo: A very well-made cigar with mellow aromas and stronger undertones of spice. A relaxing, savory cigar, consistent in bum rate and taste for the duration of the smoke.
(Ring Gauge: 58 Length: 7" Price: $44.50 for 10 cigars)
Las Vegas Cigar Co.
3665 South Las Vegas Blvd. (702) 262-6100
Churchill: A straight-ahead cigar with a very smooth, fast and smoky draw. Spicy notes with grassy undertones.
(Ring Gauge: 50 Length: 7 1/2" Price: $52.80 for 25 cigars)
La Plata Cigars
1026 South Grand Ave. (213) 747-8561
Wilshire Maduro: Nice toothy wrapper, fast burn, but not hot. A very rich smoke, the Wilshire isn't complex. The maduro wrapper delivers much better taste than the colorado-wrapped La Platas, but the aroma is a bit flat in both.
(Ring Gauge: 52 Length: 7" Price: $36.25 for 25 cigars.)
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