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The Rolling Rooms

Six Factories That Manufacture Most of Cuba's Export-Quality Cigars Each Specialize in Certain Brands and Sizes
From the Print Edition:
Bill Cosby, Autumn 94

(continued from page 4)

It is easy to mistake a Trinidad for the Cohiba Lancero, because it is exactly the same size: 7 1/2 inches by 38 ring gauge. The only apparent difference is its slightly darker wrapper and simple gold band with trinidad printed in black with two black lines above it. Lara also said that the blend is slightly different. "People say that the Trinidad is slightly more aromatic," he says.

Unfortunately most people will never get the chance to smoke one. Trinidads remain reserved for diplomatic gifts and personal presents from Castro. A few years ago government officials reportedly looked into commercializing the brand, but found that it couldn't be trademarked because it remains the name of a country as well as various cities--including one of the more historic towns in Cuba.

Last year, Lara said that his factory produced only about 80 boxes of Trinidads, a fourfold drop from 1992 production levels. "I don't know why the orders are less now," Lara says. "People certainly still like them. We recently sent King Juan Carlos [of Spain] a different cigar, and he sent them back. It was not Trinidad, and he didn't want anything else."/-- J.S.

1993 Production of Some of the Best Cigars from the Top Factories

` C.A. Rating

El Laguito (EL)
- Cohiba Corona Especial: 500,000/CA Rating: 87
- Cohiba Exquisito: 400,000/CA Rating: 90
- Cohiba Lanceros: 600,000/CA Rating: 83

Romeo y Julieta (BM)
- Romeo y Julieta Churchill: 70,000/CA Rating: 94
- Saint Luis Rey Churchilll: 15,000/CA Rating: 93
- Sancho Panza Belicoso: 50,000/CA Rating: n/a

Partagas (FPG)
- Partagas 8-9-8: 500,000/CA Rating: n/a
- Partagas Lusitania: 178,000/CA Rating: 88
- Cohiba Robusto: 200,000/CA Rating: 96
- Cohiba Esplendido: 125,000/CA Rating: 90
- Cohiba Siglo Range: 1,000,000/CA Rating: n/a

La Corona (FR)
- Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona: 46,000/CA Rating: 99
- Punch Double Corona: 104,000/CA Rating: 93
- Hoyo Epicure No. 1: 94,000/CA Rating: 92

H. Upmann (JM)
- Montecristo No. 2: 850,000/CA Rating: 90
- Montecristo A: 15,000/CA Rating: 95
- H. Upmann Winston Churchill: 30,000/CA Rating: n/a
- Cohiba Robusto: 300,000/CA Rating: 96
- Cohiba Esplendido: 55,000/CA Rating: 90

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