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High-Tech Golf Clubs

Can New Golf-Club Technology and Design Improve Your Game? Maybe Yes. Maybe No.
Jeff Williams
From the Print Edition:
George Burns, Winter 94/95

T minus five seconds and counting.

OK now. The feet should be shoulder-width apart. The V's made by the thumbs and forefingers should be pointing to the right shoulder. The knees should be slightly flexed.

T minus two seconds and counting.

The eyes should be focused on the back of the ball. Take your last breath. Concentrate. Start the take-away in one piece.

We have ignition.

Get the club to the top of the backswing slowly. Shift your weight slightly to your right side. Make sure to set the club at the top of the backswing. Don't yank the club on the downswing. Start to rotate your hips to the left and shift your weight to the left side as the club head comes into the ball.

We have liftoff.

Follow through with hands high and make sure to hold the pose. Swing away. You never know when you'll hit the shot of a lifetime, even if it wins a $5 Nassau and not the U.S. Open.

These days you are never quite sure whether you are about to launch a golf ball or the space shuttle as you ascend the first tee of the "Big Tree, Little Valley Golf Club." With a bag that could be filled with graphite, titanium, boron and magnesium formed into the latest in computer-designed, computer-manufactured clubs, we are a long way from the days when shepherds beat stones around a field with sticks in search of a hole in the ground.

The age of high-tech golf is here. Whereas once clubs were made of hand-fashioned wood, iron and steel, we have entered the age of woods made of metal or graphite--or ceramics derived from the heat-deflecting tiles developed for the space program. Most irons made today are no longer hand-forged, but are investments cast in a design known as perimeter weighting. Shafts are made of intermodulus graphite, of titanium with boron tips. And thanks to technology, today's golf ball goes straighter and lasts longer.

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