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Horse Racing at Saratoga

Two Professional Bettors Take Their Handicapping Expertise and Wallets to Saratoga

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We have noticed a recent decline in horse quality and betting value at Saratoga as racing executives, intent on milking every last drop of the track's restorative power, have gradually lengthened and diluted its traditional 24-day season. The 1994 meeting of 34 days was the longest yet. This not only cut racing quality, but also sapped the sport's vitality because fans were unable to sustain their enthusiasm or attendance over a long period. This deprives Saratoga of the elements that make it special in the first place.
New York finally seems to have taken a serious interest in the thoroughbred industry after years of neglect and falling revenue. There has been talk of change, yet so far nothing has happened. Things move slowly in government and--aside from the track--even slower in racing. Meanwhile Marc will work on a children's book, and I will study history. Maybe we will become racing executives. Will either one of us be at Saratoga next year? I don't know.
Brad Thomas is a free lance writer and a thoroughbred industry consultant living in New Jersey.
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