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Elegant Humidors

New and Innovative Handcrafted Humidors for the Holidays
From the Print Edition:
George Burns, Winter 94/95

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The Ambiente humidor has brass quadrant hinges and comes equipped with an optional lift-out tray as well as a wood lip that extends down from the lid that, according to Marshall, acts as a seal to lock in the humidity.

The key feature to any humidor is whether or not the regulator provides adequate humidity to protect the cigars that it holds. Without the proper humidification system, the cigars will dry up and you won't get as much aroma and flavor from the smoke.

The weeklong test of the Marshall humidors produced some interesting results. The 50-capacity Treasure Chest humidor maintained the proper humidity throughout the week. After an initial low reading, its 100-capacity sibling was close to perfect. The Ambiente, however, needed more moisture in the Credo system to get it to a desired level.

What our tests proved was that consumers must use an accurate temperature/humidity gauge to indicate whether you should reload the humidity regulator sooner or later. In theory, the Credo System should be reloaded with moisture every 30 days, but as the Ambiente showed, larger-capacity humidors need more moisture, probably every 20 days. However, there is no accounting for personal taste; some people like drier cigars, some like more moist cigars.

Needless to say, Perrenoud, Marshall and other humidor designers are moving into the next millennium. With these elaborate creations, humidors are not just boxes anymore--they are works of art.

Humidor Sources

Daniel Marshall, (800) 923-2889

Michel Perrenoud, (201) 778-1194

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