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An Interview with Carlos Fuente Sr.

A discussion with the head of Arturo Fuente Inc., one of the world's largest producers of premium hand-rolled cigars.
Marvin R. Shanken
From the Print Edition:
Jack Nicholson, Summer 95

(continued from page 17)

C.A.: Is changing the wrapper a serious consideration?

Fuente: We have thought about it, but we have other ideas now. As I said, we are big believers not to change. But a lot of people manufacture cigars, and they are forced to change from time to time. We will just come out with new Fuente brands. And we're already going to start making a Fuente with a different wrapper. But we're going to have a little different packaging. We're going to tell the consumer about this type of wrapper. So when they buy it, they know it's still going to be a Fuente, but it will be different. And when we have the Cameroon tobacco, we'll still produce the classic Fuente.

C.A.: That way the consumer will expect a different taste in the new cigar.

Fuente: Yes, and that it is a different wrapper. But they'll know it still is going to be a Fuente cigar.

C.A.: But it will have a slightly different taste?

Fuente: Oh yes, definitely.

C.A.: If it's not a Cameroon wrapper, then the next question is, will it be Connecticut or Dominican?

Fuente: Probably it's going to be Connecticut for now. We're going to come out with more Connecticut wrapper cigars.

C.A.: Or is there another area of possibility?

Fuente: There's another area. I believe that from all of the wrappers I've seen or dealt with, there's no finer wrapper than a Dominican wrapper. So there will be a possibility down the line that some cigars can include a regular Dominican wrapper. It also depends on what happens in Cameroon.

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