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Cigar Friendly Life Insurance

There Are Still Some Life Insurers Who Know the Difference Between a Pall Mall and a Partagas
Terrence Fagan
From the Print Edition:
Linda Evangelista, Autumn 95

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A few insurers, including Metropolitan Life and Equitable Life, offer nonsmoker rates to cigar smokers, provided the client does not test positive for cotinine (metabolized nicotine) in a urinalysis test. A majority of companies now test for nicotine, particularly when large policies ($500,000 and up) are involved. The increasing use of these tests has contributed to the creation of an "all tobacco" category--cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco, snuff, even nicotine patches in some cases--in underwriting, because urinalysis cannot differentiate between sources of nicotine.

Industry watchers warn that restrictions and products offered by insurers will undergo rapid changes in the next few years. So the key for the cigar lover is to shop around, find an insurer that is right for your situation and lock in a favorable rate now, before the tobacco "ban" wagon picks up any more speed.


The following is a selected list of major life insurers who, at this writing, offer noncigarette-smoker rates for cigar smokers. The policies, restrictions and benefits vary widely, so consult your insurance agent for details.

Aetna Life Insurance Co
Hartford, Connecticut

American General Life and Accident Insurance Co.
Nashville, Tennessee

Equitable Life Assurance Society
New York, New York

Guardian Life Insurance Co. of America
New York, New York

Manufacturers Life Insurance Co. of Canada
Toronto, Canada

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co.
Springfield, Massachusetts

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