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By Hand and Foot

Once Almost Extinct, Butlers are Making a Comeback in the Homes of Wealthy Americans
Jolee Edmondson
From the Print Edition:
Linda Evangelista, Autumn 95

(continued from page 2)

"Good. Ben, what must a butler carry in his pocket at all times?"

"A cigar cutter, breath freshener, phone cards, credit cards, cash and loose change, keys to the house, a comb, two hankies, a notebook and five pens--one to use, one to lose, one to lend, one for the appointment book and one to spare."

"Right. David, what must never be served at a shoot?"

"Alcoholic beverages of any kind."

"Indeed. And what if you notice a flask in someone's pocket?"

"Tell the gamekeeper."


Weedon now instructs the class to repair to the adjoining room and practice posture, walking and forms of address, fervently reminding them, "You're all actors! You're all acting a part! Of course you are, the whole time! Once you've learnt your lines it will be very easy, automatic!"

Soon the air is filled with a chorus of pomp and civility: "It's a pleasure, sir."

"No problem, sir."

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