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Cigar Furniture

When Your Cigar Collection Outgrows Your Tabletop Humidor's Capacity, It May Be Time for the Next Level
Shandana A. Durrani
From the Print Edition:
Tom Selleck, Winter 95/96

Any serious cigar lover knows that you should purchase a well-crafted humidor to maintain the freshness and quality of your cigars. For many, tabletop humidors storing 50 to 250 cigars suit their needs quite well. But what if you have more cigars than you can count? Should you buy five or six tabletop humidors when you may not have enough tabletops? Should you build a walk-in humidor when you may not have the closet space?

There is an answer to this dilemma. A number of companies have created humidors that store a vast collection of cigars. Their designs stand from two to seven feet high and hold anywhere from 500 to more than 1,000 cigars. Though these units may perform as humidors, they blend into an elegant home setting as fine furniture.

Often crafted of top-grain wood, with a smooth finish and hinges and handles of high-quality brass, these humidors offer plenty of space for cigars and cigar paraphernalia. With the increasing demand for cigars and cigar-related items, Cigar Aficionado has tested eight of these units for functionality and appearance. What we found may surprise and delight you.

The largest of the humidors tested is the King's Cupboard, made by Kreitman-Thelen of Atlanta. Resembling a credenza more than a place to store cigars, this seven-foot-high, dark cherry wood humidor adds an elegant touch to any home or office.

Starting from the top, the Spanish cedar-lined unit offers a three-shelf cupboard with capacity for 60 boxes of cigars (the whole unit can hold up to 150 boxes). Underneath are two deep drawers to store cigar accessories such as cutters, lighters, etc. Beneath is a cabinet top for books, curios, or what have you, and in the cabinet below are two additional drawers, with dividers, to hold loose cigars. At the bottom of the unit are two additional cupboards: the left has space for boxed and bundled cigars; the right holds the electronic humidification system and built-in digital hygrometer. Kreitman-Thelen has preset the unit to maintain 70 percent humidity, with a one percent differential, but the humidity level is adjustable. The King's Cupboard retails for $12,500. Call (800) 377-9278 for further details.

In Racine, Wisconsin, the J.C. Pendergast company has been creating large humidors for more than 25 years. Its CA series model is a six-foot-tall wood-and-glass unit. The front panel opens easily with a turn of a key. Lined in Spanish cedar, the interior of the unit has space for almost 1,000 cigars. At the top are three shelves for boxed cigars, while underneath two drawers roll out easily to accommodate loose cigars. These drawers have dividers to separate your cigars by size. At the bottom of the Pendergast are two cupboards: the left one has space for additional boxed cigars; the right contains the humidifier, which holds two gallons of distilled water that will maintain your cigars for three months.

Available for $2,995, the unit includes an adjustable temperature/humidity control and a digital hygrometer/thermometer. Call (414) 634-2388 for further details.

Controlled Environments of San Marcos, California, offers what it calls the Ultimate Cigar Humidor. Almost three feet high, this boxy unit is handcrafted of exotic hardwoods, with a lacquered finish. The interior is made of untreated Spanish cedar and comes with four drawers, which roll out easily, for various cigar sizes; the unit holds a maximum of 800 cigars. At the bottom of the unit is a compartment that holds the distilled water container, digital hygrometer and an adjustable humidity/temperature control. The humidor retails for $5,995. Call Famous Smoke Shop at (212) 221-1408 for details.

Similar in size and design to the Ultimate humidor is the Hi-tech Vinotemp humidor from Vinotemp International of Los Angeles. Designed with the help of two former NASA engineers, this unit stands three feet high and accommodates 800 to 1,000 cigars. It is handcrafted with a white oak exterior. The doors have brass-finish piano hinges. The unit comes with a digital LCD temperature display that also lets you know the humidity level and whether the humidifying device is active. The inside of the unit is constructed of Spanish cedar and comes with adjustable slotted shelves for your boxed cigars. The unit is also equipped with a drawer that has slotted adjustable dividers to handle various sizes of loose cigars.

Vinotemp gives you the option of a six-coat finish. You can also choose from a wide array of exotic woods for the exterior: from ash to zebrawood and almost everything in between. Vinotemp can also customize the door design. The unit is equipped with a brass-finish key and lock for security. The Hi-tech humidor with the standard white oak exterior retails for $1,995.

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