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Claudia Schiffer, A Model Life

Supermodel Claudia Schiffer skillfully manages a career that proves that classic beauty will always be in fashion.
Mervyn Rothstein
From the Print Edition:
Claudia Schiffer, Jul/Aug 97

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Eventually, though, she says, the era of Claudia will be over. Last year she said that because she was financially secure, she no longer had to think about what she would be doing when she was 30 or 35. But she has thought about what she would like to be involved in a decade from now—and it is unlikely to include modeling.

"In 10 years, I think I will probably not model anymore," she declares. "Lauren Hutton and Christie Brinkley are great examples of those who fight the image of successful models only being there for a certain period of time, but I think that what they do is not for me. I would still need to be active. I can't sit still for long periods. I need always to be doing something. So I'd love to develop book or television projects, or make a movie. And I'd like to be involved in a charity to which I can give a lot of time. Because I'll have a lot of time."

She has always been a fan of Audrey Hepburn, she says. "I really admire her very much. And I love that when she didn't do that many movies anymore, because she was older and didn't get enough good roles, she gave all that time to Unicef. I'd love when I'm older to have her grace and charisma. Which is not something you can have when you're young, because it's the experience of life that gives it to you. But that's what I'd like for my future."

Another goal is being more comfortable with herself. "I've never liked myself too much," she says. "I've always thought I was too shy, too reserved, that I should be more open, more this, more that. But I've learned to say to myself that I am the way I am, and the more I am myself the better I'll be. Of course you want to work to be a good person, but first you have to learn to accept yourself."

Mervyn Rothstein is an editor at The New York Times and a frequent contributor to Cigar Aficionado.

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