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Food of the Gods

Since the Days of the Aztecs, No Food Has Incited More Passion than Chocolate
Sam Gugino
From the Print Edition:
Pierce Brosnan, Nov/Dec 97

(continued from page 5)

1300 East Pike Street, Seattle, Washington 98122 Phone (800)422-FRAN
Fran's Fixations No score
This box-pressed flavored "cigar" did not receive a score because it didn't resemble a cigar. Its three flavors of peanut butter, mint and orange complemented a smooth and mild chocolate flavor. $0.85


How do you go about buying the best chocolate? Go to the people who specialize in high-grade chocolate and have a high product turnover. If they also sell lingerie or lottery tickets, go elsewhere. * For chocolate authority Alice Medrich, as well as chocolatier Alex Yezril at La Maison du Chocolate, freshness is key. "We recommend that our chocolates be consumed within 15 days," Yezril says. Chocolate confections such as chocolate truffles, which contain cream, should be consumed within a week, Medrich adds. Yezril doesn't like to refrigerate chocolates. Instead, he keeps his shop temperature between 45 and 60 degrees. Chocolate should be tightly wrapped as well, he adds: "Air is the enemy of chocolate." * If you need to store chocolate for a long period, freeze it. But keep it wrapped, even during defrosting, to minimize the amount of moisture that forms on the chocolate. When moisture collects, it causes what's called a sugar bloom, leaving a white or rough film on the chocolate. Another adverse effect is fat bloom, which occurs when chocolate gets too warm, creating gray-white streaks and blotches. --SG

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