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The Twenty One Club

The annual blackjack ball hosts Gambling's Most Furtive (and Quirky) Fraternity
Michael Konik
From the Print Edition:
Susan Lucci, Sep/Oct 99

(continued from page 3)

6 In Nevada, how much do you have to buy in for to make it is a "suspicious activity transaction"?
a. $1,000; b. $3,001; c. $10,000; d. $10,001  

7 True or False? Lucky numbers notwithstanding, in Las Vegas the average monthly video poker drop, per store, is higher at the 7-11 chain than at any other convenience stores.  

8 Which of these is the worst bet in a casino?   a. Craps "any seven"; b. Baccarat "tie bet"; c. Keno "eight spot"; d. Let it Ride "side bet"  

9 Playing Las Vegas Strip rules, if you remove a five from a single deck, what advantage does it give to the player?  
a. .45%; b. .55%; c. .69%; d. .88%  

10 True or false? On Monday evening December 21, 1998, more people in the United States watched professional wrestling than Monday Night Football.  

Answers 1 b; 2 True; 3 d; 4 a; 5 the number 13; 6 b; 7 False; 8 d; 9 c; 10 True

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