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Progress Report: Humidor Ratings

Cigar Aficionado Rates Humidors with Staying Power
Stacey C. Rivera
From the Print Edition:
Vince McMahon, Nov/Dec 99

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C.A.O. has switched from a proprietary humidification system to the Credo system in this humidor, and we think the C.A.O. device would have done a better job for this box. During our testing the humidity fluctuated, requiring more attention than most of the other units. The box is beautifully finished, however, and will definitely add elegance to a room. What we like best about this humidor is its triple-tray system, which has a secret bottom layer, providing a hiding place for your most precious smokes. The lid is a bit heavy and does not form a 90-degree angle with the rest of the box when open, which could cause problems in the future.  

$1,450 / (301) 432-6131
Spanish cedar
Humidification: One passive Humigar device
Tray, dividers, analog hygrometer, lock and key
Score: B+  

This humidor had the snuggest close of all the humidors in the test and a solid, heavy lid. We had to push the lid down to seal the box. The tray is made of good cedar--not too thick. Too much finish on the box created a surface that is rough to the touch and the eye. Humidity levels ran a bit uneven, but once it is broken in and seasoned this humidor should be consistent.

JS Collection #HC45 $1,495 / 1-877-530-8389 (toll free)
Interior: Aromatic cedar
Humidification: Two passive clay devices, proprietary to Jeremy Simpson
Details: Dividers, analog hygrometer, lock and key

Visually, this humidor, formerly called Simpson-Le Queux, is striking, both inside and out. The curved top doesn't allow for you to stack things on it, which may be a plus since the finish is less likely to be marred. It also adds to the elegance of the box. The interior hardware is encased in wood and streamlined, keeping things neat and elegant. The clay humidification devices ran chronically dry. Our cigars were in good shape after six weeks, but we had to refill the unit three times. In a Mediterranean climate, clay devices may perform, but smokers in drier climates may want to think twice before using them. We would also like to see a thicker Spanish cedar lining inside.  

SAVINELLI Caribbean $750 / (919) 481-0511
Spanish cedar
Humidification: One passive device, proprietary to Savinelli
Dividers, analog hygrometer

Sadly the glue/varnish aroma that we noticed when we tested the Savinelli Mahogany Tobacco Leaf humidor in 1997 hinders this model as well. The humidity levels fluctuated a bit in the beginning, but by the midway point leveled out. Nice inlay work makes it an attractive box. While it is a good value for the price, this is not a top-rank humidor.  

The Wellington
$875 / (800) 477-1884
Capacity: 110
Interior: Spanish cedar
Humidification: One passive device, made for Diamond Crown by J.C Pendergast
Details: Tray, dividers, digital hygrometer, lock and key
Score: B-  

This box has a conservative design and the look of mass production. Its glass lid and brass handles make it look more like a silver caddy than a humidor. We had some problems with the Diamond Crown humidification device. The device required refilling four times and also clogged up, which we fixed by shaking the unit. (It should be noted that the instructions for the Diamond Crown call for the humidor to be seasoned, which we did not do, and that the company has recently introduced a new version of its humidification system, designed to be more powerful.) The cigars on the top tray were a bit dry, but the lower smokes fared better. This is not a bad box, but it is not your best buy for the money.    


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Comments   5 comment(s)

Devon Buy — Petaling Jaya, ---, Malaysia,  —  February 19, 2013 11:05pm ET

I have posted an article on constructing your own humidor DIY-style at and have found it to be quite usable, maintaining quite good humidity levels at 70% plus minus. I currently use it to store my Romeo y Julietas and Monte Cristos.

I'm sure there is still room for improvement. Would appreciate any comment with suggestions. Thank you.

Ted Nitka June 22, 2013 5:11pm ET

My company, ( submitted a humidor in the original 1997 review. We received one of the highest marks for our Treasure Dome model.

Ted Nitka June 22, 2013 5:11pm ET


David Savona June 24, 2013 9:38am ET

To clarify the comment from Ted Nikta regarding Cheap Humidors, they were rated by us in the 2003 review on humidors. The humidors did well, however I would correct the comment. Rather than "one of the highest marks" the humidor did fairly well. There were 9 humidors that scored better than the one we reviewed made by Cheap Humidors and several that tied with it. That said, there were several humidors in the review that scored much, much worse. Overall we gave the Cheap Humidors product a score of B-, which we stated was better than anticipated given the name.

For the full review, click here:

Aaron Hois February 22, 2014 11:53pm ET

I recently came across a web page called Lance Allen humidors I went ahead and purchased one of the humidors and was really impressed with the craftsmanship and its ability to retain humidity. Th what I can tell he specializes in makes custom orders though but I think its worth checking out just passing it along

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