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Out of the Humidor

The Editors
From the Print Edition:
John F. Kennedy, Nov/Dec 98

Dear Marvin,

Mary is blonde, beautiful, and the most vivacious woman I've ever known. She's also my fiancée. Like me, she's not a cigarette smoker, so I didn't know how she'd take it when I finally admitted I like to enjoy an occasional premium cigar.

Surprisingly, she took it very well. After just a week or two of hearing me rave about Cigar Aficionado and the many delights of cigars, she said she wanted to try one with me!

We decided a Friday night would be the best time to share the experience, so we began planning early in the week. To my delight, Mary got more excited as the days passed. She asked numerous questions about cigars, leafed through back issues of Cigar Aficionado (noting the photos of women cigar smokers in the Moments to Remember section), sent me e-mails regarding our big night, and even went with me to help select the cigars we'd share. (We decided on a tin of Montecruz Chicos, a Fuente Fuente OpusX and a Partagas No. 1.)

Friday finally arrived. An almost electric feeling of anticipation filled the air as we sat on the floor in my living room sipping drinks and listening to Haydn's Paris Symphonies Nos. 82-87. After a while, I lit one of the little cigars (because Mary wanted to start small) and handed it to her. She took it without hesitation, puffed on it and offered her comments on its taste. We shared it until we let it go out. Within minutes, she asked, "So, which one is next?"

The OpusX was next. Mary noticed a difference in its taste (compared to the Chicos) and said she liked it better. I agreed, but thought it was a little too tightly rolled. Its draw was more difficult than it should have been.

As good as the OpusX was, however, the big hit of the evening was the Partagas No. 1, which Mary helped cut and light (she was really getting into it by that time). With the very first puff, Mary declared the Partagas best of all. We spent the next 20 to 30 minutes sharing the No. 1, talking about cigars, sipping our drinks and watching a Queen concert video.

What a magical night! The sight of this gorgeous blonde woman sharing a cigar with me is an experience I'll never forget. We're already planning our next cigar night. . .with a Partagas or two on hand, of course.

William R. Murphy
Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

* * *

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